About Me

Well hello there!
I'm Dorie.
After living a lifetime in Mesa, Arizona the hubby and I decided
to act on our dream of living by the sea. Sooo we packed up and moved
to Carpinteria, California aka....Paradise:)
I love the color green. 
All shades of green.
Never met a green I didn't like:)

 This guy here is my partner in crime:) 
We met when I was just 17. 
He shares my passion for old houses,
and doesn't blink an eye when I have
an "idea" :)
I love him to pieces:)

The kiddos.
Gorgeous right?
My daughter Rio is 27,  Ryne is 25.
Both ridiculously creative:)

Oh man. This is Wallace- aka Little Bully.
He's my 9 year old French Bulldog:)
That face...
I mean come on!!!