Tuesday, June 28, 2011

White trash...:)

Since moving into our home sweet home, I've hosted many a get together. I love, love, love having family and friends over:) but without fail, I always forget about one detail- the trash. The hubby always wheels out this p.o.s to my horror. EVERYTIME I say to myself, " I have got to get a better trash can!!"
And finally I did! I love the old "Oscar the grouch" look! I found mine at Home Depot for $22.98.

The hubby gave her a little sanding (while trying to ignore little bully and his relentless need to play ball) and prepped her for paint.

It took 2 cans, but maybe if you use a darker color you could get away with 1.

And here she is- all crispy white. But the black bag? HIDEOUS!! Dear garbage bag people, not all large bags have to be BLACK!! Ugh!

And it never fails that the bag ends up half in the can from the weight of the trash:(

So I got to thinkin... and I came up with this. A garbage bag scrunchie! And let me warn you, I DO NOT know how to sew. I know only the verrrry basics. I'm a figure it out kind of gal. I paid absolutely no attention in home ec:( I think I was so distracted by my teacher who wore bright red lip liner with pink frosted lipstick. NOT a good look I tell ya! Anyway... I took a scrap piece of fabric and cut it about 4-5" wide and double the length of the around of the trash can. Ugh! Sorry, I'm the worst at directions! I used a 1 1/2" piece of elastic and cut it to a little over half the around of the trash can. And then just sewed it together to make a big scrunchie:)

Then I took a large tag and sewed some ribbon around the edge for cuteness. I just scrunched it up as I went creating the ruffle:)

And here she is- with her scrunchie. It holds the bag secure and hides the ugly black edge:)

The finished product! Soooo much cuter doncha think?!

A close up of the tag:)

I made a recycle tag too, cause if your parties are at all like mine- this one will end up more full;)

One morning I was emptying my trash from the night before and cringing at the sound that all the bottles were making so early in the morning, and then I laughed remembering how my neighbor said that when she hears that sound she thinks -it must have been a good one!!

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  1. I think you should start a new marketing plan....trash can scrunchies!!!!!!! How great is that......I look forward every Tuesday ...reading your blog.....thanks for sharing it. I voted you best blog with sunset mag! Keep upbthe GREAT work. Susan in California

  2. Dorie,

    Love it...what a great idea!
    I laughed at the direction part - I didn't pay attention in Home Ec either.

  3. You are hilarious! I think my favorite part is the ruffled tags with the bows, although a bag scrunchie is freaking genius.

  4. Only you! But I love it! I think people would seriously buy a Trash Can Scrunchie. I love how your hubby sweetly humors your every wish too.

    My Home Ec. teacher was shaped like a bowling pin. Really. She wore tight dresses and had a beehive hairdo. It was indeed distracting!

  5. Ok...this is above and beyond funny....I laughed all the way through this post, coming from Kim's and glad I did!!! Love this

  6. Love it. Who knew a garbage can could be so cute. I have a question though, have you had to wash the scrunchies?

  7. Totally adorable!!! I need two of these ASAP for my classroom!!!! Thanks for the directions...I will be making them soon!!!!

    I am your newest follower:)


  8. Oops...not your newest...sorry!!!

  9. Loving your blogs....am a keen reader from the UK just outside London. You inspire me. Kind reards Helen x

  10. ROFLOL (Rolling on Floor laughing out loud) OMG LOL LOL LOL I have never saw or heard of such a thing!! Your hilarious!

  11. Really? It's GARBAGE. Who cares what it ends up in?

    1. I wrote this post exactly 4 years ago, and I still care about making all things pretty!
      Yep, even GARBAGE.