Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Project- laundry....:)

It's no secret that I love to do laundry:) Ok, well if it was a secret- I just told on myself. Anyway...this here is my laundry room in our Dana Point cottage:)

Cute- but kinda booooring!! I always thought some stripes would look fab in here, and this last weekend I tackled it with the help of my amazing sidekick:)

I have hated these cabinets that I call the GIRAFFE since they were put in. I asked for light distressed and the only thing that was lightly distressed was me- for the last 5 years!! UGH!! Moving along...

Since I have the patience of a two year old and the math skills to match, I let my hubby do the taping:) I mean seriously, I could hear him saying things like 11 and 15/16th's and stuff! Wa what?? I did however, read some time saving tips from Beth about painting stripes, and her info was spot on!

Oh! and for the first time evah I actually wore gloves and saved the manicure I just got a few days ago! I'm growing up:)

We painted a few coats and waited for the paint to dry....

Yippee!!! I'm in love:)

I found these sweet little drum lights at Lowe's, and just shortened the curtains that I already had:)

Here's the view from the kitchen:)

Next week? I'm hoping to get to project-send-the-giraffe-back-to-the-zoo! I'll keep ya posted;)


  1. nice this is the 1st stripe room i took a likeing to...perfect room for stripes

  2. Great looking stripes. I would have to have my husband tape off the stripes, too. Nice kitchen.

  3. I love your decor style!!! Love every little thing about this room.

  4. LOVE your laundry room....the stripes are fabulous!!! Don't worry....I have the math skills and the attention span of a two year old too!!! LOL...Your kitchen is so beautiful....love the backsplash!!!!!!

  5. So stinkin' cute!! You and your "sidekick" are amazing! :0)

  6. OK I get the whole giraffe thing - but I am telling you if you saw the laundry room in this lease house, you would cry a little river for me!! I know you would ; )
    The stripes turned out so gorg, and your view?! That would keep me out of the laundry room for sure!

  7. I love it! The stripes look fantastic from the kitchen view. The lights that you picked are perfect.

  8. I love the stripes.......I was expecting green....but love the color you painted. Your cabinets have a pretty color....do you know what it is? I can't wiat to see what you do with them though......

  9. I look forward to your posts every Tuesday and they never disappoint. LOVE the stripes!!!

  10. You have the most darling laundry room! It's a nice size too. Your stripes really add alot of personality to the room. I actually like your grey distressed cabinets though. That's my favorite part of the room!

  11. this is the cutest little laundry room...! being in there would make me want to do loads and loads of laundry! :) adorable!