Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The most wonderful time of the year... :)

I came home after 10 days in AZ with Rio to all my
Thanksgiving stuff still staring me in the face:(
To be honest, after putting it all away, I had zero desire to 
go back out the garage and pull out the Christmas bins!

I was seriously having to talk myself into it!
Then I put on some Christmas music,
got all hopped up on coffee and suddenly all was right in the world!!

Since this house is so small, it's really easy for it to feel cluttered.
I tried to keep the decorations to a minimum and only 
put out what I love:)

If you follow me on Instagram (@TUESDAYSWITHDORIEANN)
then you've already seen this #shelfie.
This is really the only place in the house that I can 
display goodies:)

The skinny leg people! These Lori Mitchell figurines are one
of my favorite things ever!! 

I've had the green feather wreath for forever. I bought it
years ago at Home Goods. 
The pom pom wreath I got at Anthro one day when I 
convinced myself that $pending a ridiculou$ amount
of ca$h on a wreath wa$ a great idea.
It was:)

I bought this plaid pillow at Design Lab in Mesa last year? the year before?
I don't remember, but it sure makes me happy!

Guess what else makes me happy??
Seeing this truck pull into Carp yesterday!!!

You guys...
Rio and Chase are HERE!!
I'm giddy! Over the moon happy:) !!!!

I had to laugh that not 15 minutes into unloading boxes, Rio was already
making her little cottage her own...

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!!!


  1. Your shelfie is adorbs! How did I not know you were on instagram? Well I do now. Yay!! Just so you know, your weekly posts make me smile. You are blessed <3

  2. I love your story, about how music and coffee helped you get your Christmas groove on! Gotta love the skinny leg people! I enjoy your blog so very much! Merry Christmas! From Debra in Chandler

  3. Love the blog posts! Tell me about the metal cases?

    1. Hi Rachel!
      The bottom three boxes are vintage First Aid kits! One of which used to be kept under the seat of my hubby's parents station wagon when he was a boy:) the little one at the top is an German box that my hubby had as a kid also and still houses his "coin collection". :)

    2. The story makes them even more special.