Tuesday, July 27, 2010

While the cats away...the moose will play!

My daughter Rio was OBSESSED with this moose head from ZGallerie the moment she saw it back in December. Soooo being the ever loving mommy that I am, I bought it for her for her birthday in January.
Weeeell, when her beautiful moose was delivered and she shared with her boyfriend where she wanted to hang her wonderful piece of art, he was slightly hesitant to say the least! A moose head in the kitchen Rio?? Trust me! She would say over and over.
The two of them have been working on their kitchen for a few months now. Her boyfriend made the cabinets and dining table and they were just doing things as they had the time. Fast forward to last weekend. Her boyfriend went out of town for a week, and Rio went to town!

She made the wood counter tops, painted the walls and pleaded with her dad to hang the moose.
Had she had time she would have made the missing drawer fronts too!

I love her sense of style and ability to find goodies anywhere and everywhere!

The little glass vase thingies and the broken clock are Goodwill finds :) don't know if she plans on fixing the clock, but I think it's kinda cool broken! Oh and her boyfriends reaction when he came home?? He loved it :)

In other news: my house is rolling full steam ahead!! Kinda scary! These are just some of the things going inside the cutie :) Insulation, sheet rock, roofing and stucco are just some of the happenings this last week! Hubbs is on a roll! We're hoping for an end of September move in!! YAY!!!!!


  1. I LOVE IT! I think it is the perfect thing for that spot in the kitchen...which by the way is wonderful!


  2. LOOKS GREAT- and is sooo Rio!!! LOve it!
    I am loving your picks too.

  3. The moose head is fabulous! I saw one used once where the designer had painted it bright red. ot bad but I like the white one better. I love your color choices and swatches for the house! I am so anxious to see her finished!

  4. What a talented and energetic girl you have there! I love that the 4 is dangling!

  5. Wow! Rio's kitchen looks great. I was just thinking of that moose head the other day and wondering if she ever got it hung up!

  6. Apparently your daughter and I have similar taste - I came across your post while google searching to see if anyone else loved the moose head and successfully decorated with it. I love what she did with it, but I also love the chandelier! Where did she get that?!

    Thanks :-)

  7. My moose head from hobby lobby just broke! Anyone know where I can get another one?