Tuesday, August 3, 2010

40 and fabulous! Seriously.

This last weekend my sis in law celebrated the big 4-0! She had the most amazing party! Everyone was required to wear white. She went to a party while in the south of France where everyone wore white and she loved it :) It was the perfect touch for a night in the July heat. Just made it seem so much cooler!

This girl is a detail faareak!! Not one thing was missed :)

The food was deeelish!!

My brother is quite the guy in the kitchen. He made these scrumptious mussels in this sauce that I don't know what it was but I couldn't stop eating it!!

And here we are :) my big bro and my two sisters. Yes she's really blonde and yes we are from the same parents. And no, me and my brother are not twins :) I know, we look ridiculously alike :)

Oooooh I love this pic. This is my favorite room in her beautiful house.
Just look at my sweet hubby sitting there laughing and enjoying himself :)

And here's the group shot :) I'm LOVING all the white! It was such a beautiful party!

Oh and tonight? Yeah, me and my sisters and our hubbies get to go back to their house and enjoy the 20 lbs. of clams that my brother didn't get to cook cause everyone was already stuffed. Yippee!!!
** And Happy Anniversary to me!! 1 year of blogging and I haven't given up! (although I've seriously contemplated it!)


  1. Happy Anniversary! Don't give up on your blog. We love seeing your creativity!

  2. What a beautiful party! The white makes everything look so elegant! The food and the setting look amazing!

    Happy almost anniversary! I love your blog...it is always a delight to visit here!


  3. Wow! what a neat party. And...to think EV.ER.Y. ONE...WORE WHITE.
    Not us... to many rebels in the bunch... Somebody would spoil the shot and were jeans and a white shirt... just to be different! LOL... (probably me!)

    came over from Boho Farm and Home.

    nice to meet you!