Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What's old is new again... :)

When we tore out the old fence (we had to, there was no repairing it) we ended up with a huge pile of beautiful old white chippy painted wood. Luckily my hubby shared my feelings about someday making "cool stuff" out of it :) Well that day arrived on Saturday morning! The hubbs got up and was itching to build something. Yes I know, I'm soooo blessed :)

So while I was out and about doing really important stuff like buying candles and plants for the porch...
He made me this!! Cuuuuute right??!! I love love love it :)

And so does my silly dog. Yep, on Saturday night I made this yummy appetizer plate for our guests to enjoy and while we were taking a tour of the house....he jumped up on the table and devoured the brie cheese. Not the prosciutto, sopressata, crackers or grapes, oh no! The cranberry crusted brie. You can still see the evidence, right there by his foot.


  1. The table is so great! You are indeed a lucky gal to have such a handy man in your life! I am glad to see Wallace is using it to his advantage! He is a dog with great taste...no pun intended!

  2. What do you expect....he's French and it was brie. Love the table.

  3. Such a great table! And a great blog - thank you for writing! My mom has been telling me about it for months and I just clicked on and love it. Thanks!

    Also, I'm looking for some "old" wood to make a console unit for our hallway. Do you know of where I could just find a few wide pieces? I probably only need three. I've been searching forever and thought you may know. :)

    Thanks again!

  4. Oh! That table is beautiful........and so is Wallace. ;)

    This is inspiring me. I've been thinking of building a kitchen island, and now I think I might actually get down to it. One of these days. Thanks for sharing!

    - Laurel (from FOUND & DB)