Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sweet boy.... :)

So this past week has been nothing but unpacking. And then unpacking. And then when I'm done with that, I do some more unpacking. And in between all that I would have an occasional meltdown. Ok, a LOT of meltdowns.
I've got a good excuse for said meltdowns. You see, I've been doing all this without the help of my trusty sidekick:( Yep, my sweet hubby is out of commission.
He's been dealing with 2 herniated disks:( Sooo, he hasn't been able to do what he normally does, which is EVERYTHING! :(
So the master bedroom is about all I can show you right now:) Since we are planning on refinishing floors, and adding a master bath, I didn't want to spend the money or time on painting the walls. The entire house has pure white walls. At first it drove me insane! But I found these fab curtains at Target the other day, and they really warmed up the space and made it completely bearable:)
With the hubby out, I've really had to rely on this guy. My sweet baby Ryne. Not Ryan. Ryne.
Poor guy, he's forever having to correct people:(
Anyway, I'm ridiculously lucky that this boy can do just about everything his dad can do.
Sooo, he did all my hanging of pics and curtain rods and such:)
Aaaand accompanied his crazy mama to Sweet Salvage:) It was his first time going, and I promised him there would be "cool stuff". I found this old wheel thingy that was perfect for a necklace hanger:)
Since I've never been above bribing my kids to do stuff, I gave by son some goodie money. Ryne has always had an eye for "cool stuff". It was really fun to see what he was drawn to. He found things that I would never take a second look at.
Check out his loot.
A Coleman oven (I think), an old microscope, cool binoculars, an awesome fold up measuring stick and that thing that holds a pencil and makes circles. The name is totally escaping me right now...
Anyway, he totally loved it and I'm sure I won't have to bribe him to go next time:)

Oh, and just so I'm not playing favorites here- I'll let ya in on what Rio is up to:)
She and her friend Emily are teaching this class on how to make these fab Marquee letters!

How fun right??
March 7th at 6 pm
Details here!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!! ....:)

SQUEEEEEEL!! Here she be! The newest latest and greatest love of my life:)
She was born in 1922 and I love her:)
Aaaand, she just so happens to be right across the street from my old place:)
I TOLD you my world is very small!!
She's adorable, but definitely in need of some lovin:)
While I was at work last Tues, the hubby up and decided to move us in.
Yep. For the first time in 25 years, we're gonna LIVE in the renovation.
We crazy like that:)
Here's my lovely back porch. Everyone laughs when I say this- but I'm not kidding this time! We are NEVER, EVER, EVER moving again!! EVER. EVER!!
I did get a little treat today:) say hello to my new fab WHITE washer and dryer. What? Isn't every one's laundry room on the back porch?? The delivery guy looked at me like I was completely insane when I told him to hook them up there. And he's right, I was insane. I hadn't done laundry in a week. And for me? that's complete insanity.
The white beauties need only to hang there on the porch for a few months till they can move inside to their newly renovated laundry room:)
Oh! And I reunited with this cutie that I bought from Sweet Salvage a while back. She went straight to storage when I got her, so I hardly remembered what she looked like!
Is she a-dorie-able or what!!??
Sooo, needless to say I'm going crazy over here trying to get this new place all set up!
I promise pics and deets next week!! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pretty as a picture..... :)

I LOVE pretty pictures. I dooo. It makes me happy to spend a foolish amount of time
 perusing the web for prettiness.
The pictures make all the difference in the world I tell ya:)
So let me introduce you to my new fav web stop- Restyle Source.
It's this new amazing website that is pure eye candy. Full of inspiring photos, recipes and information. It's a national guide to local love.
 It's cool. It's where I saw this fab recipe. Check. It. Out:)
Baked eggs in avocado. Sounded easy enough, and I just so happened to have all the ingredients. Ok, I'm totally lying. Who has avocados "on hand" ?? So after a stop at Trader Joe's, I got to work.
You know when you start something with such excitement only to have your happy balloon popped before you even begin? Read on.
Step one. Cut your avocado in half. Uh huh. A really high five to you Trader Joe's for these most awesome avocados!! I've bought me many an avocado in my day, (come on! I'm half mexi remember?) so I know how to pick em. Or so I thought. Grrrrrr!! I was not going to let this get me down! So I kept on. Next step, break the egg into the avocado half....
Over your dirty dishes. Oh what? You spilled on your hands? Just grab a paper towel! Oh, that's right...you don't HAVE ANY!! Grrrrr!!
Oh, and it might have helped to read the entire recipe to know that I should have used mega sized avocados to you know- avoid spillage:(
Next step- sprinkle what avocados you have left with your spices. All whilst glaring at the rotten ones. Grrr!!
Stick em in the oven. Look at my face. I ain't crackin a smile for nothin. Nope.
And how bout this for table decor!!
But I must say, the eggies in avocados looked delish!!
My taste tester Chase happened to come over just as the little lovelies were coming out of the oven.
Despite all the craziness, he said they were gooo- ooood!!
They must have been, he ate all of them:)
Thank you Restyle Source!! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oh no she di-int !!..... :)

So over the last year, the hubby has been asking me over and over again for something. Something no God fearing, respectable woman EVER wants to hear. EVER!
I want a recliner.
Yeah you read that right. A recliner.
Now I don't know about you, but this is where my selective hearing steps in. Until this week.
You see my sweet hubby has had 2 back surgeries and is unfortunately on his way to a 3rd:(
Sooo I did what any God fearing, respectable woman would do.
Head to LA Z BOY.
 Ooooh!! Welcome to recliner heaven! said no woman ever:(
 Look at him. He was LOVING it. Look at his sleepy eyes!!
Check out that grin. And that remote.....  
 Then there was Brutus. Yeah, this chair has a name. And it fits. It was HUGE!!
At this point I had hives. And needed a barf bag.
 Then in the deepest darkest depths of my recliner hell, an angel appeared.
An angel dressed up like a salesman named- Joshua Mason.
He totally got me. He immediately sensed my pain.
 I'm sure my crossed arms, rolling eyes and frowny face weren't a dead giveaway....
 After the sound of the Hallelujah chorus faded and I could actually pay attention to Joshua, he explained to me that there were other options! Wait. What???
I followed the glow from  Joshua's halo as he led me to this chair:)
The Riley:)
Yes ladies, it's a recliner. And I ordered 2:)
And how bout this sweet fabric! Got 2 down lumbar pillows out of it:)
I guess what I'm trying to say here ladies is- have Faith.
There is a GOD!!! :)