Tuesday, April 30, 2013

You bought what??!!...... :)

I have been known to buy some kooky stuff at times. I'm thinkin this last weeks Sweet Salvage
purchase might take the cake:)
Look at hubby trying to force a smile while carrying
my latest goodie into the house.
Look. at. her!!! She's an old dress form, sized XL
and I LOVE her!!

Look at her beautifully loved neck and finial:)
The minute I saw her, I was smitten:)

She has such a granny feel to her. I imagine her voice sounds like Mrs. Doubtfire....
Now Dorie! get yourself in that kitchen and make some
peach crisp!!
Peach Crisp
3 Fresh peaches, sliced ( I used frozen 'cause that's what I had!)
2/3 Cup packed brown sugar
1/2 Cup all purpose flour (I used gluten free and it still worked!)
1/2 Cup oats
3/4 tsp. Cinnamon (I use more because I love me some cinnamon!)
3/4 tsp. Nutmeg
*sometimes I add a little pumpkin pie spice:)
1/3 Cup butter, softened

Heat oven to 375'. Arrange peaches in buttered ramekins.
Mix remaining ingredients and sprinkle over peaches.

Bake for about 30 min. or until the top is golden brown and crispy.
Judging by the pic, I could have baked mine longer:(
Top this with some ice cream or whipped creme.
...or just shovel it piping hot
into your impatient mouth and burn your tongue!!
Yeah, that just happened:(

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New slips....!! :)

Slowly but surely things are sprucing up around here!
A huge thank you to Brown's Upholstery here in Mesa
for the fast and fab job they did on these slipcovers!!
I found this really soft waffly (is that even a word?)  patterned neutral fabric at Mesa Sales. 
I gots a little bully who loves to get in some snuggle time on that couch,
sooo I thought I should find a color that would hide the fur he decides to leave behind:(
(After living with these white walls for a while now, I'm goin a
little crazy. I'm thinking I need some wallpaper with a pattern?
Thinking about adding in some coraly/orangy color??
I know!! I told you I'm goin CRAZY!!)
After! I LOVE this fabric!! I found this for $5 a yard at Home Fabrics- SCORE!
I was really hoping LB wouldn't love it as much...
You see, this was LB's favorite chair in Dana Point and I was
hoping he would forget about it!?
While I was snappin shots of the couch I looked over to see
LB eyein it up....

DANGIT!! He remembered!!
(sorry for the blurry iphone pics but man! he's fast!! )

 He's reclaimed his chair :(

Ummm, so much for all the thinking ahead I did with the couch fabric!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shoot Fly Shoot.... :)

So here's my camera and my cute camera bag:)
I've had this camera for a while now, and I'm embarrased to say-
 I've never taken the time to learn how to use it!
Until this last weekend:)
Enter Kevin Palmer from Shoot Fly Shoot. He's half of the fab duo that is
 Aaaanyway, Kevin put together these amazing online photograpy classes.
They're perfect for this visual learner!
So because I'm lazy, and reading the manual to my camera sounds about as fun as
 reading the dictionary- here's a  sample of my photog skills.
I usually shoot in no flash mode or Gasp! automatic:(
And here's after I watched just 2 classes from Kevin!!!!
Sing it with me now!- Haaa-le-lu-jah Hallelujah Hallelujah!!!
Again. No flash.
U make....no sense!! What in the world with these horrible pics??
 ISO, Aperature what?? I'm totally getting it!! Virtual high fives!!
And then I just started getting all crazy:) Wow. What fun!!
Who knew??!!
So what I'm sayin here is...
You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!
Or at least Kevin can!!
Worth every penny I tell ya!!
More info on these fab classes here:)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Itchin' for a kitchen.... :)

Just. Look. At. This. Fab. Kitchen.
I want it. Like yesterday.
Patience? I have none:(
You see, I like to cook. I really do.
But MAN! my kitchen in it's current state sucks the stinkin life out of me!
To say I'm uninspired is the understatement....
 of the century.
Just look at this beautifullness. Seriously, take it all in.
I love it:)
Too bad it's in someone else's kitchen:(
Yeah here's my pantry and my new fridge sans panels:(
I'm dying to get my cook on...and I try! I really do!
Like take for instance a few nights ago...
 I reeeally wanted to make these tasty baked sweet potatoes that I saw on Pinterest.
And then I took a look at my sad, very neglected sweet potatoes... :(
 Uh huh. Looks like somebody quit caring:(
 And this pic just really sums it all up:(
Sooo needless to say.....

We ate frozen waffles for dinner. With peanut butter.
And it was superhealthyandI'llbesureandsharetherecipe not awesome :( 
I need a new attitude kitchen........!!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

They're heeeere!!

The sweet and very comfortable recliners (I still can't believe it) are here!!
They're perfect:)
Oh Little Bully, you're perfection too :)
I swear when I go to take a pic he knows it!!
What's not here? And not perfect??
My slipcovers:(
Yep, just dropped off the fabric for them! Can't WAIT to get them back!!
Use what you got I say! This couch and chair were from our house in Dana Point.
I've had these two pieces for forever. This will be the third time I've re-slip covered them:)
They're really good quality, and all down... so they're keepers!!
So this was this weeks happiness:)
Oh, and I finalized my kitchen and laundry room cabinets!
I happen to know the most fab kitchen designer in all the land, who has
the most patience when it comes to this customer ;)
Phase 1 reno- to begin shortly!!
Can't WAIT!!!