Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our labor of love....or whatever.

Soooo much going on at the bungalow this week! Exterior paint done!! With move in just a mere 2 weeks away I've finally decided I might want to get going on my projects. You know, like taking my couch to be recovered so we could have a place to sit, painting chairs so we could have a place to sit...so me, to wait till the last second! Ugh! I hate that about myself!!
I got this antique beaut from my sis who got it from my other sis. Yeah she would look so great...In my GRANDMAS house!! Yes, I did the unthinkable. I painted her.
Awww she's sooo happy!! Especially once she has a bunch of fluffy white towels on her shelves! She's gracing the downstairs bathroom, and fits...perfectly :)

While I busy myself with mindless painting, the hubby got down to serious business. Installing our mail slot. Yes folks, we get our mail in the door. Not a single mailbox on our street :) and I love it!
Kinda nice. We can leave for a month and don't have to deal with that "vacation hold" crap. Or worse yet, a tongue lashing from your grumpy mail lady!
Doors and hardware got installed on all the cabinets (thanks Tim!). Ooooh and my sweet chandas over the island from Pottery Barn. They're mason jars- love love love.

The laundry room door, complete with rusty hardware from my favorite Architectural Salvage of San Diego :)
Dark Hickory floors...EVERYWHERE!! Not a bit of carpet in this bungalow :)

So while I was listening to my hubby say " nothing in this house is easy! Not one single thing!" I replied " But honey, this is our labor of love!" His response? "It's a pain in my a**!"
I laugh because I know he secretly loves it :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And green it is....!!!

I got in last night from a weekend trip to Dana Point. I had butterflies the entire way home thinking about my house :) I was sooo excited to get home and see the progress. With every house we've built, the paint stage is always my favorite. It's like the house finally comes alive :)

And here it is! The much anticipated GREEN KITCHEN!!! I can hardly stand it :) I painted the bases and the fridge wall Sherwin Williams bamboo shoot. Perf :)
Just picture carrera marble tops on the surrounds and white oak on the island :) mmmmm me loves :)
I love love love these hood corbels. Saw them in a magazine about 5 years ago and tucked the pic away in my "dream house" file :)
And check out my wonderful master vanity. Waiting for sinks and countertop :) I got this fantastic dresser at FOUND. If you haven't been there, it's a must :)

Tile is being set as I type, painters finishing up, and wood floors will be delivered on Friday so they can acclimate for a few days before install. YAY!!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yep, more food for ya!!

I married and gave birth to carnivores. I on the other hand am only the occasional meat eater. My hubby LOVES him some steak :) So we compromise.
A little caramelized onions...
Some grilled asparagus...

Sliced up steak...

Chopped romaine lettuce...

And there's dinner!! I topped it with my homemade chipotle ranch dressing :) which consists of plain greek yogurt, buttermilk,garlic, chipotle paste and whatever herbs I have on hand :)

Are these the cutest salt and pepper holders ever?? Don't remember where I got them, but I LOVE them :)

Oh and always make sure you perfectly match your tablescape :)
(honestly didn't plan that!)
Coming next week- HOUSE PICS!! 4 short weeks till move in!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

With a little help from my friends :)

Yes. This is what my contractor hubby has turned into. (Speed Gonzales in case you're like who? what?) My house is getting done in record time! Yes, I'm reeeally happy about it, but at the same time I'm fareeeeking out! I still need to paint furniture, order a couch, find fabric for curtains, buy mattresses, bedding etc., and a whole list of other things!!

In other words my blog is going to have to take a back seat for a while :( I know! I should have named this blog - Every other Tuesday with Dorie or Whatever Tuesday with Dorie or When I have time on Tuesday!! Anyway, I will leave you with a few of my favorite blogs. Take a moment to check em out! Tell them Not this Tuesday with Dorie sent ya!! Enjoy!

Better After - A really great blog dedicated to before and afters. And I know how much we all
love those!! One of these days I'm going to send in pics of my house!!

Stone Gable - I love everything about this blog :) Yvonne is the bomb! Her weekly menus and
tablescapes are always so inspiring! I want to be her :)

Une Petite Folie - Absolutely amazing blog about a french dollhouse. Seriously. Check. It. Out.

Tall Clover Farm - Meet Tom, he lives on Vashon Island on Puget Sound. He's restoring an old
house, lives with 2 bullies Gracie and Boz and makes the most delicious food!
Yeah, you will want to live there :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

40 and fabulous! Seriously.

This last weekend my sis in law celebrated the big 4-0! She had the most amazing party! Everyone was required to wear white. She went to a party while in the south of France where everyone wore white and she loved it :) It was the perfect touch for a night in the July heat. Just made it seem so much cooler!

This girl is a detail faareak!! Not one thing was missed :)

The food was deeelish!!

My brother is quite the guy in the kitchen. He made these scrumptious mussels in this sauce that I don't know what it was but I couldn't stop eating it!!

And here we are :) my big bro and my two sisters. Yes she's really blonde and yes we are from the same parents. And no, me and my brother are not twins :) I know, we look ridiculously alike :)

Oooooh I love this pic. This is my favorite room in her beautiful house.
Just look at my sweet hubby sitting there laughing and enjoying himself :)

And here's the group shot :) I'm LOVING all the white! It was such a beautiful party!

Oh and tonight? Yeah, me and my sisters and our hubbies get to go back to their house and enjoy the 20 lbs. of clams that my brother didn't get to cook cause everyone was already stuffed. Yippee!!!
** And Happy Anniversary to me!! 1 year of blogging and I haven't given up! (although I've seriously contemplated it!)