Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Historic Home Tour.... :)

 So this last weekend was the Historic Home tour in Mesa.
My house was no where near ready, but Rio and Chase's house sure was!
Say hello to their adorable 1942 early ranch (that's what the historic peeps call it).
The two of them have worked their little tails off on this cutie...
and now they're going to sell it.

Let's just take a minute and admire the doxie photobomber  adorable striped chairs!!
Chase makes them! And you can have
them grace your front porch too! You can pick custom paint
colors to match your house. They are $295 for the set of 2 chairs and
a table- cute huh?? More info here:)

Just inside the front door..
Yeah, that girl of mine ain't afraid of color!!
Or animal heads:)
The original floors, windows and coved ceilings are beeeautiful!!

 The kitchen...

Huge walnut top, subway tile and floating shelves:)

The original arch between the front room and kitchen.

The hall bath:)

 And the almost completed laundry room. Just needs the
trim and crown:)

The master bath and bedroom are going to be finished in the next couple
of weeks! I'll be sure and post pics.
This house is a 3 bedroom 2 bath 1535 sq.ft.
 So hey, if you fancy moving downtown
into the best hood ever ....give Chase a shout.
 Or email him:)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Red Pepper Pasta... :)

Mama's don't let yer babies grow up to be cowboys...
No. LET 'em be cowboys! Cowboys are hot.
I'm thinkin more like.... Mama's don't let yer babies grow up and
This here is my baby boy Ryne:)
And here's where he asked... what's for lunch?
And here's where I said...whatever you make!!
I always say...a girl LOVES a guy that can make
himself some food...can I get an Amen??

So here's yesterdays lesson-
This Pioneer Woman recipe is super fast and
easy and anybody (boys included) can cook it:)
Chop up a half of an onion and a jar of roasted red peppers.
Melt some butter and olive oil in a pan.

Throw in the onions and garlic for a bit, then add the peppers and sauté
 until the onions are translucent.

Puree that loveliness in a food processor or blender.

Add a little butter and return the puree back to the pan.
Here's where I forgot to mention the part about
the blade not being attached...

Add some absolutely-delicious-I-can't-live-without-it
heavy whipping cream..

And a bit of chicken broth to thin the sauce.

While that's all warming up- drop your pasta...like it's hot:)
Rio stopped by and I thought- hey! let me get a few adorable pics of you two!
And by adorable I mean both smiling perfectly at the camera...
yeah, never happens. Never ever.
 Back to the yumminess...
when the pasta is done just toss it together with the sauce and
add some parm shavings.
If I had some fresh chopped basil to sprinkle on top
that would have just been perfection...
Done and done!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Birthday Girls..... :)

That's my sweet mama and my baby girl Rio.
Rio was born on my mama's birthday:)
How cute is that!
 I decided to have a
little birthday lunch to celebrate these two crazy girls:)

I bought some hydrangeas and stuck them in jars wrapped in twine that I already had.

I covered my table with a simple white tablecloth, and topped it with this little
piece of green lace that I bought on one of the many trips to SAS with Rio.
I kinda bunched it up and let it lay all crinkly to give it a more relaxed look:)
My plates are two different patterns of Arte Italica. The wine glasses are Match.
All purchased when my sister had  (sniff sniff) this most fab store here in downtown Mesa.
Sister + store= WHOLESALE baby!!
The cute Eau Minerale glasses are from FOUND:)
My mom loves birds, so I just gathered a few that I had around the house
(like mama like daughter huh?)
and put them on the table with some wood ball thingies.

We feasted on roasted chicken, onion tart, green salad and
Too bad I forgot to take a pic of the
fruit tart for dessert! It was so pretty:)

And here's where I yelled- WAIT!! I need a pic of all of us before
we dig in!!
Left to right- The birthday girl Rio, my sis Marlene, my niece Shea, Me,
my mama the birthday girl, my cousin Ruth, my sis Michele,
and my sis in law Allie:)

What a great time we had talking and laughing for.....
3 hours!!
I look at the faces in this pic and realize how completely blessed I am:)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Adding some SAS..... :)

So hooray!! Christmas got all cleaned up and put away for another year.
Then the shock set in.
Wait. Where's all the color??
 I sure was enjoying those pops of red:)
But alas, I know myself. I know I would be driven to total madness if I
kept it around any longer.
During the clean out, I replaced the desk near the kitchen with this old cabinet.
Ooooh I love it's chippy goodness:)

I just topped it with some of my favorite treasures,
old green books, ceramic little bullies and a pearl shell that
my son gave me:) He's called me Pearl for years. Don't know why?
But I love it:)

Still need to hang the mirror, but I'm LOVING my new
kooky horse:) he's perfect atop my old buffet that I've carried
from house to house:)
What I'm NOT loving??
This couch and ottoman:(
The oatmeal has got to stop!! (shakes fists in air)
I took this pic just after LB had himself a nice long
nap on it. Yep, right there on those pillows on the right.
I thought the smushed pillows and overall
disheveled look of the couch would really add
to the "before" pic...

I found these fabrics at Rio's favorite store SAS Fabrics by the pound in Tempe.
It's craziness that place! But if you're willing to dig and find treasures amongst piles and
piles of fabrics (all while wishing you popped a Xanax beforehand) then you must check it out:)

Stay tuned!!