Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It continues.... :)

Aaaand the avalanche continues.
I got a new coffee table...

then that meant I needed a new lamp...

and, well that meant new curtains of course...

to, ya know, go with my new couch and chairs.... :)

I thought I'd have some pretties to show you this week,
but it's just still not quite finished.
I'm still waiting on some things to get here, so hopefully in a few weeks
I'll have something to show you:)

And lucky me! On Friday I get to head to the beautiful
beaches of Ventura, CA for 10 days
to escape this heat for a bit,
and do a little house huntin'..... :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

And so on and so on ..... :)

So you know when you go to do just one thing in your
house, it suddenly turns into an avalanche of projects?
Or is that just me....??

Well, we're finally getting to redoing the downstairs bathroom.
Or the last of the ugly as I call it.
You gotta love my sign I hung on the door at Easter...

Ya hear that? All that hammering??
Music to my ears:)

While we were doing the demo, we discovered we needed
to redo the roof over the bathroom.
Well that turned into.......

Adding a covered porch off the side of the house....
We didn't have enough of the used brick that we found on the
property to do the entire porch, so we just made a "rug" 
out of what we had:)
This is the view out the kitchen door.

Well, then the covered porch meant we needed new trees....

then the new trees needed a new fountain...

and so on.
and so on.
and so on.....

Hoping for prettier pics next week:)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Proud mama.... :)

Have you ever had that moment when your heart just wants to burst with
mama pride?? You know, when your child does something so completely amazing
that you're left just standing there in awe...and saying to yourself- 
wow. just wow.

Well I had that moment on Saturday night.
Let me introduce you to the one and only beeeautiful Susan.
This is Rio's bf Chase's adorable mom.
And she just had a birthday.
You aren't going to believe it..
her 60th!!

Well Rio and Chase decided months ago that they were going to 
throw this amazing woman a surprise birthday party:)

And surprise her....they did!!
She had no idea. She thought Chase was bringing her into the
back yard to show her something he made for her:)

And I guess that wasn't entirely a lie? Because Rio and Chase
put together quite the party:)
And they did it all by themselves. With no help from anyone!!

There were beautiful flowers that Rio arranged herself in 
big Ball jars that are sooo Susan.

Chase hung a chandelier that they found at a thrift store over
the birthday girls table. He even painted the extension cord brown to
match the tree!! It's all in the details right?

And in between all that he made ALL the food for the 
yummy taco bar:)

Rio went to Denovo and cut out a huge 60 on the 
cnc router and then put lights in it.

It looked sooo pretty at night!

Seriously I wanted to steal this wheelbarrow...

That adorable gold desk was actually Susan's from her childhood:)
There were sharpie pens and rocks so everyone could
write Susan a birthday note:)
Perfect for the gal who has long been a member of the

Rio made all the banners and Chase hung these mismatched
Edison bulbs from the pergola over the dessert table.

Oh! and speaking of dessert...
How cute is her birthday cake??!!

Rio MADE all those succulents.
Uh huh.
She painstakingly shaped them out of fondant,
then hand painted every single one...
only to come home and find her dog had
gotten up on the table and EATEN ALL OF THEM!!!!
She had to make them all. again.

These ball jar sugar cookies are actually the one thing they
didn't make. How stinkin cute are they??
Terri at Fresh Cut Flours (cute name!) made them.

Every detail was perfect.
Right down to the 60 birthday candles:)

Happy Birthday to the beautiful woman who's been on an African safari 3 times,
still drives her VW bug (Abner) that she purchased brand new in 1972, still rocks
some gorgeous long blond hair AND...
if you've ever been to the Phoenix Zoo in December? 
Susan started the Zoo lights:)
Yeah. She's all that.
And a bag of chips:)

But I gotta say- I love you Susan most for giving birth to the one and
only Chase. Who loves my one and only Rio:)

Dear Rio and Chase,
Since now we KNOW you both can plan the bejeezus out of a party...
We think it's high time you plan a wedding.
Just sayin..

Dorie and Susan

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Guilt free.... :)

I buy bananas every week. Sometimes they get eaten,
and sometimes they don't:(

I finally realized that (duh) I could peel them, cut them up and 
freeze them because they make for the BEST smoothies!

Well did you know that if you take those frozen  bananas...

and throw them in a food processor with their favorite 
friend the strawberry..

and give it a spin..
(be patient, it takes longer than you think)

you end up with this delicious guilt free ice cream??!!!

then you can take that bowl of guilt free deliciousness and
head over to your favorite chair
and watch this movie...

you're welcome:)