Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A little kitchen remodel..... :)

So remember when I blogged about painting this cutie? Well after she was all painted and beautiful, I put her on the floor in the front bedroom and there she sat. A home without a home:( I just couldn't find the right space for her. And then I put my ole thinkin cap on and said hey! she could go in the back bedroom!

See her? See the cute little edge of her rooftop?

I pulled that table out of the garage, and put her on top of it. She's so proud to be out on display again:) I unpacked all her belongings and spent the day moving back in:)

I started with the kitchen. I asked for help from the bestest in the westest kitchen designer who just so happens to be my bestest in the westest hubby;) He knows his stuff I tell ya! Just check out his work on real kitchens!! Okay, truth be told you should have seen his face when I asked for his help! I think he answered something like- seriously? you're kidding right?

Okay, now for the big reveal.......



Uh huh:)

Whew! This kitchen remodel went well into the night!

I'm gonna sit down and watch me some Olympics now:)

And I'm sooo going to treat myself to these cookies made by the devil himself:) They're evil. Pure delicious evil:) 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What's in your bag?

Last week ,Denise from The Painted Home asked me to join in on her- What's in your bag? series. Since I'm a lucky gal who gets to frequent the beach so often, I agreed and thought I'd post it here for you all too:)  So.... here's a look see at what I throw on, and lug around in my beach bag:)
My beach bag- I bought it this summer at Hobie Surf shop in Dana Point. 20 bucks! I added the silk flower for some cuteness:)
My swimsuit- Wal Mart for $6 a piece! Score! I decided at the ripe ole age of 44 to take my friends genius advice- "if you can't tone it, TAN it!!"   
My cover-up- Old Navy- I think it was $12? It's a 3/4 sleeve gauzy type dress and I love it!
My hat- Scala visor. Never leave home without it!
My other suit, the one I reeeally wear:)
Top from Downtown Basics $50- Splurge!
Bottoms- Wal Mart $6 same style different colors- I like to be able to mix it up!
Inside my bag I carry the essentials:)
Headhunter for my face. Banana Boat for my body and Burt's Bees for my lips:)

Yes. That's my towel! Target- $9.99 Hilarious, AND in my favorite color in all the land:)

Gotta have the snacks!!

My new beach chair:) Okay, seriously? I think Tommy Bahama is a gazillionaire from these chairs. EVERYONE had them at the beach! Costco- $25!

 I love me some Pandora - Mindy Smith Radio…. the bestest in relaxing music:)

I rarely get in the water. Mostly because it's too cold. And maybe just a little bit because I swear that of all the people in the water, somehow, someway..... Jaws will get me. My theory is supported by the fact that, I can be sitting with my whole family and be the ONLY one feasted on by mosquitos. Just sayin.....
So I spend my days here:) In my sweet new beach chair. On the sand. Safe.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm movin' on... :)

“Use what talents you possess, the woods will be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.” -Henry van Dyke

Yes it's true. Call me crazy, insane, completely cuckoo. But I'm a sellin my beloved 1906 bungalow.

The hubby and I decided that while we LOVE this place like crazy, we LOVE rescuing old houses more. And there are SOOO many out there that need some lovin. Our kind of lovin:) Beautifying old houses is hands down, our favorite thing to do in the world:)

I'm really excited about the creative road ahead! There's no better feeling than finding the "eyesore" on the street and turning it into the eye catcher! Can't wait to tackle the next one!! :)

More info here:)

Michele Wolff
Betnar Wolff Team
HomeSmart Elite Group
5225 N Central Ave, Suite 104
Phoenix, AZ 85012
602.329.2199 cell

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Granny's goodies...... :)

Okay, so you all know I love me some old grannys. I especially love fashionable old grannys:) Weeeell, my neighbor in Dana Point just so happens to have said granny. And said granny happens to have a whole house FULL of goodies. Look at her beautiful granny in her younger years:)

Sweet neighbor occasionally gives me some of her granny's scarves, that I LOVE!! They cover the hideous roots perfectly:) Too bad it doesn't cover my hideous bags under my eyes! (Hence, the small picture :)  Geez, I must need more sleep!! Hahaha!!

A while back, sweet neighbor gifted me with this amazing bag- o- goodies. I ain't kidding here. You will NOT believe what came out of this bag!!

This dress.

This dress.

And this dress!! Just to show a few:)

You can see the rest of the loot on the other blog that I write with my sister:)

It's a fun little blog where we post real ladies in real outfits. Aaaand, today we are celebrating our 101st post! Only because yesterday was 100, and we forgot. Ooopsies. Details shmetails!! Anyway, you will have a chance to win these fab scarves from....the fashionable granny!!

So go check it out, and send in your pics!! Come on!! It's fun!! All the popular gals are doing it..... :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nope to ugly soap....:)

                                         I love me some pretty. This pic below? Not so pretty:(

Ok. Been to Staples lately and seen all the Martha Stewart home office stuff?? Seriously made me want to buy notebooks and calendars and tags and stickers and aaaall kinds of crap I don't need!!

I did manage to somehow convince my hubby that I needed these sweet labels:)

And I did! Because I knew that they would be the perfect thing to add to these oil jars and twine and ribbon to pretty up those hideous soaps that stare me in the face every time I do the dishes:)

Took a bottle, cut a piece of ribbon, glued it on:)

Wrote verrry specific directions on those trusty labels...

Tied the tops up with twine....

Stuck the sticker on....

Done and done!!