Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The important stuff :)

What? It's Tuesday ALREADY?? Yikes! Where did the week go??? Geez I feel like I'm finally getting settled and getting around to doing the fun stuff! Which in my world means decorating for fall, and most importantly HALLOWEEN!!

I started in the dining room with my fall dishes and most favorite pumpkins! These on the tray are from FOUND my friend Kristin's most amazing store. This assortment I have here are wool, burlap and velvet. They are truly scrumptious! If you live in the area, it's a must visit.

This china cabinet came from my sis in law Allie. It belonged to her grandma and still has the original advertisement for the piece in the drawer. She no longer had room for it and I am most excited to have it in my home:)

I filled it with fall china that I've had for about 5 years now. I got it on super clearance somewhere, I'm thinking The Great Indoors? Can't remember :(

I found these little guys at TJ Maxx just recently. They're cute and kinda creepy at the same time! I just thought his winking eye and wrinkles were adorable :)

The kitchen houses my favorite Halloween pieces. I was sooo excited to get into the boxes this last Saturday in the garage. That is until I almost past out from heat exhaustion!!

Yep, still over 100 degrees here in the ole AZ. But I won't let that rain on my fall parade! Oh no! Gonna get out all those pumpkin spice candles and burn em anyway! Just wish I could wear a sweater... :(

And just so you don't think it's all fun and games over here, check out my laundry room. Or lack of. No counter top or sink :( and since it's not even cute I totally avoid looking at it. So shallow of me, I know. Hey at least I'm honest! Sink and tops are due to arrive on Wednesday, until then I'll just turn a blind eye and enjoy my "cuter" parts of the house :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pinch me :)

Old houses mended,
Cost little less than new before they're ended.
~ Colley Cibber

Oh how true!! And given the chance, I'd do it all over again. I wake up every morning with a big smile on my face and can't believe I'm here!! Thought I'd give you all a look into my world :) be kind, It's only been a week :)
My crickity crackity old front door, inviting you in :)
This is the living and dining room. Still lacking curtains and things, but you get the idea :)

And my kitchen. Love, love, love being in here. It's bright and cheerful and I have my GREEN CABINETS!!

And the lovely antique candy makers cabinet. Aint she a beaut??
And Mr. Wallace, sooo happy to be home :)

Sorry such a short post but I have plenty more unpacking and organizing to do! I'll share more details on the house next week.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hang in there...

Sorry all. This is what my house looks like :(

I'll be back in the swing of things next week ;)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Old chairs...new life!!

My sis in law gave me these sweet chairs (there are 2, just not in this pic). I've had them sitting in storage for over 2 years!! They were red and a little tattered :( Every time I visited them in storage I would say "soon my little darlings, soon." Well there time had come!! I dropped them off at my favorite Brown's Upholstery and picked them up last week.

How cute are they???? Don't know exactly where they are going, but I love love love them :)

I know when my sis in law sees them she is going to DIE!! Sorta like when I gave a couch and two chairs that I was sick of to J in Tennessee, and she slipcovered them in white and I was doing the "duh, why didn't I do that?" thing.
**Move in day is THIS SATURDAY!!!