Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Penny for your thoughts.... :)

I love old things. Always have. I adore old dilapidated houses that I could love and restore back to their original beauty :)

I'm truly obsessed with old funky cars. Like this Nash Metropolitan. I WILL have one of these someday :)
But my most favorite old obsession?? Old ladies!! Check out these ladies. That's Penny in the green, and next to her is Helen. The lady in the fab leopard coat shall remain nameless until I get close enough to read her name on her coffee cup:) These ladies are at my local Starbucks (or Starby's as I call it) every Sunday morning. I have become absolutely OBSESSED with their cuteness. It's to the point where my husband says he's having coffee alone because I am so intensely focused on these ladies!

Penny (in the green coat) is my fav. Her hair is so perfectly coiffed! She has this sense of style that says "I've always been in style. New York kind of style." She wears these awesome vintage looking sunglasses (you can see them on the table) and has a voice of a smoker. And yes, occasionally they sit outside because Penny smokes, yep- those long skinny cigarettes, just like you would imagine. And did I mention she wears a thumb ring?? Oh yes, she does!!
My husband tries to act like he's not totally intrigued by these ladies, but a few Sundays back he said, "Look at them, their wrinkles are beautiful." And they are! They reeally are!! These ladies truly inspire me. I reeeally want in their club! My husband asked them this last Sunday if we could join, Helen replied, " nope, not unless you're a white haired widow!" Bummer city for me!! Oh well, I will love them from afar and secretly hope that Penny quits smoking ;)
**A very Happy New Year to you all!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Short and Sweet... :)

Because Christmas is upon us, and I am sooo behind, this post is going to be a short one. I'm going to show you our Gingerbread houses that we made on Saturday. What fun!! All it took was dollar store candy, graham crackers, some pre made kits, frosting, and YES!, a hot glue gun :)

I read this little saying on a card once, and thought it said it all-
Merry Everything, Happy Always!
Enjoy your Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'll MAC it fit!!...Again!! :)

Ok. So remember when I posted about my serious MAC eyeshadow addiction? Well, I still have it. Haven't kicked the habit, don't know if I ever will! Anyway, when we moved into the house a few months back I literally heaped all my makeup on this little table in my closet and have been trying to get to organizing it.
Well that day finally arrived this last Saturday. I couldn't take it anymore! So once again I made a trip to home depot and bought 6 sheets of 6x12" roof flashing material. I spray painted them white this time with what I had in the garage, cause I'm lazy like that :)

Then the hubby taped off a 6x36" square (cause he hates how I "eyeball" everything) on each side of my little dressing table.
Next he painted both the wall and the back side of the metal squares with this really stinky contact cement.

And here's where my really awesome disgusting albeit trusty pink glue gun makes her appearance. I glued this ribbon to the edge of the metal to finish it off.

I also added this sweet pom pom fringe to an old marble lamp that I had too! And can we have a moment of silence for my trusty pink glue gun? Sadly, she died midway thru this project :(

And voila!! Here they are! All organized and verrry happy! (and still room for more!)

Sorry for the horrible pics. Took them last night at 10pm. Yup, procrastination at it's finest :)
** And after reading this I realized that I totally forgot to mention that I put magnets on the back of all my eyeshadows too. You can read all that on the original post here.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I told you so!... :)

Every time I've moved (and if you know me, you know that's been a LOT!) I always go into this crazy mode of giving EVERYTHING away. I've given away so many things that I wished I hadn't :( My hubby always stands there shaking his head and saying "honey, slow down. I'm thinking you might want to hold on to some of this stuff." Nope. I promise. This is all stuff I won't need, I would always say. Well check out these lovely old french doors.
The hubby and I found them in Carmel, California about 4 years ago. I LOVED them. We bought them not really knowing where we were going to put them. Well about 2 years ago, after we sold the beast, I was sitting in my garage staring at them and wondering what in the world I was going to do with them. Once again I was moving and had never done anything with them. They narrowly escaped me giving them away SEVERAL times. Just a few weekends ago, while cleaning out the garage, I was once again staring helplessly at them. I begged them, PLEEEASE tell me where to put you! I can't put you inside, you're too tall. And then....they answered.
Put me on your back porch, as a little separator between your dining and lounging areas! YAY!! They have found their forever home. Finally. Aren't they beaut??? They hang out there with a pair of old windows we found at a garage sale in Dana Point, CA for $10!! Yeah, that score makes up for what we paid for those stinkin doors!

Then my sweet and oh so incredibly talented hubby made me a table out of....the old fence of course!

Still looking for some weather proof fab chairs to go around the table.

Oh, and it's been such amazing spring like weather here ( 79 degrees) we could eat our din OUTSIDE!!
In other my hubby spotted and scored the best thing ever at a garage sale this past weekend news- Check. It. Out. Ooooooh yes! A perfectly worn red granny bike!!!

Her basket, so perfectly rusty from someone leaving her out in the rain. I LOVE it!!

Mostly because this handsome guy gets to join me :)

**ok. so remember my post a few weeks back about making flowers? Well my daughter Rio has been busy making the CUTEST ones ever. Check them out here. They'd make adorable Christmas gifts!! :)