Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Instead..... :)

Sooo, I was all ready to show you some pics of upstairs....buuut
SOMEBODY thought it would be super awesome to eat
3 square meals of cat poop (whyyyyy???) and then get sick and
barf all over his moms white duvet.
He's the most rottenest bully.
But that face....

I'm gonna show you instead- my office. Oooh that sounds so official!
Like I have meetings and make million dollar deals in there.
I don't.
I don't have meetings or make deals.
It's actually more like my craft room. Or crap room:)
I found these panels at Target.
Then I remembered I bought some green velvet ribbon at Sweet Salvage forever
ago and I thought hey! what a perfect marriage:)
And I got to sewin'.... I wish I could blame the wine for this blurry pic:(
I just did a wide zig zag right down the middle.
Easy peasy.
My little tiny office sits right behind the dining room, where
the old kitchen used to be:)
I've had what I refer to as "miss chunky leg" table for I don't know how long.
It was our table in Dana Point, and I've never been able to part with it. 
My BFF in all the land bought me that cutest green rug:)
It looks like grass.
The hubby busted out these simple shelves for me. The top one is 6 ft. long,
and the bottom one is 5 ft. long. Perfect:)
And how stinkin cool are those chairs???
They're known in my family as the "stick" chairs.
My moms brother Elias made them in the 60's out of wood
he collected in their natural shape, while living in Kino Bay, Mexico:)
I treasure them:)
Since there is an awesome built in, and a small closet in this room, I can fill
my shelves with all the goodies that I love to look at:)

 My sis gave me the little bully pic in the black frame this year for Christmas.
She knows me so well:)

Here's a close up of the velvet ribbon on the curtains.
I looove it:)
I plan on hanging my small ironing board from that hook on the green shelf.
But first I have to make her a new cover. Poor thing, she's still sportin' that
ugly silvery blue one that she came with:(
So there you have it. A glimpse into the room where all this silly
blogging takes place:)
I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year!!!
I'm hoping 2014 brings me a bully who just learns one thing...

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merriest Christmas !!..... :)

 Seriously people. This post almost didn't happen.
I got sooo busy with Christmas that I forgot it
was Monday night and I was supposed to be sittin
in front of my computer writing something fun for you all to read.

And then I was thinkin..ummm, I'm pretty sure there won't be too many
of my peeps reading blogs on Christmas Eve!!

But if you are....
We here at Casa de Tuesdays with Dorie wish you
the Merriest Christmas!!
Dorie, the hubby and of course...Wallace :)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A lil bit of this and a lil bit of that.... :)

So I finally got my decoratin' on.
Just a little.
Having been so overwhelmed by messes for so long,
putting out a bunch of Christmas stuff was the last thing
I wanted to do!
So I put out my skinny leg people....  
Got suuuper crafty with some twine and a kerr jar...

Put out some pillows....
Put the tree up!! I was looking at all my boxes of ornaments and getting hives.
I simplified. I used this adorable pom pom garland from Design Lab,
sweater poinsettias from Cracker Barrel, and some random acorn and squirrel ornaments.
Done and done.
I had to shoot the tree from this angle because....

The dining table is where I'm getting my sewing on.
Yep. I'm going to TRY and actually make some Christmas
presents this year!! 
I went to a little pop up boutique this weekend and found the JOY sign
and the painted deer guy. Cute huh?? The sign was $20 and the deer was $25
The stockings are from Cracker Barrel too.
(okay, it looks like I eat there every day! I don't. every other day. hee hee hee)
I moved my buffet to this wall. I liked the warmth of it over here.
I just put out my favorite things.
The snowman I've had for like 15 years.
The tiny angel lady on top of the books was my hubby's

And since I said I would show you upstairs...
lets head up there now!
(upon closer inspection of this pic, I'm noticing I've never removed
the brass hardware on the door that held the ugly curtain on there!
what in the world Dorie.....)
This is the little reading nook at the top of the stairs.
Similar to our last house, but on a much smaller scale.
This is where the hubby spends countless hours reading. He can have
like a million books going at once.
This room still needs curtains and decorative touches, but
he's happy here:)
Here's the other side of the nook.
My side:) ya know, where I read People magazine, Pinterest and watch
I've watched sooo many good movies lately!
The Woodlanders, Augustine, A Royal Affair, North and South,
Mansfield Park, and Ethan Frome  just to name a few.

Here's the master bath.
The trim was just finished this last weekend.
Cabinet doors and towel hooks still need to be done.
I mean, while it's a super genius idea- hanging towels
from the window cranks is gettin' kinda old.
My blackout curtains came! But I forgot to order the drapery rings...
and they're on back order till Jan. 26th..
Gaaaaa!!! (shakes fists in air, collapses on bed, screams into pillow)
So reveal of the Master bedroom is going to have to wait....until, well..
sometime after that:(
So for now I'm going to take a breather from this house and enjoy
this time before Christmas. I want to cook, bake and hang out,
and love on my friends and family.
Because really? that's what it's all about right?!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like..... :)

A house! A real house:)
All the construction debris was finally cleaned out
on Saturday. A huge thank you to all who showed
up on that verrry chilly morning and hauled off my hoard.
All I had left was a set of lockers that Rio decided to
keep and paint gold and put in her craft room!
(I'll be sure to post pics of that!!)
Sooo, I finally started to put out a few of my favorite Christmas things:) 
Like this pillow from FOUND:)

These boxwood wreaths from Trader Joes ($9.99) are one of my favorite things
this year:) I bought 2, but have a feeling I'll be going back for more:)

I've had this feather wreath from TJ Maxx for like evah.
And I still love it:)
We went to storage and scrounged through what seemed like a million
boxes just to get to these stinkin' porch pillows:)
I needed them! Ya know, for when I'm sitting out here enjoying
my coffee and taking in my freshly graded dirt front yard.
Grass can't come soon enough for this green lovin' gal!
 Oh!!!! and Mr. Speedy Gonzales finished the upstairs!!
3 weeks, start to finish.
He said "now it's your turn".
So I'm busy movin' stuff and settin' up.
And lovin' every minute of it:)
Here's a little sneaky peak of the Master bedroom.
The hubby still hates the cowhide...
I keep saying... give it time!??
And so far Little Bully hasn't put his "mark" on it:)
Yeah, give that  time too.....
Photo Cred- the fabulous Heather Bullard:)
I'm gonna get to crackin' and take some more pics of the upstairs
and hey, maybe even get a tree up and decorated!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Come and get it !! No seriously, please come and get it!!!

Ooooh, see all this stuff?
Yeah, that ain't my stuff.
See these people?
Yeah, they ain't my people either...

but I'm a visual gal. And I just wanted to let you all know....
That yes! It's a happenin' !!
Dan and I will be putting it all out there on the table.
(pun totally intended. because I like puns. puns are cool.)
this Saturday December 7th at 8am
at the Casa de Tuesdays:)
So come on! Make our crap...your crap:)
**email me for directions

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Outside my window.... :)

Ohhh my goodness. So much going on over here!
This house ain't never seen the likes of a concrete drive.
Till today:)
Yep, this house was built sometime between 1910-20 and has
always had a dirt drive.
Well that might have been great and all back in the day when
peeps rode horses, but nowadays? not so much.
So hooray! for clean shoes and car mats!! :)

Here's a sneak peak into my stuff going upstairs in the Master
in the next few weeks. The hubby isn't lovin the cowhide....
I love it and keep trying to tell him that it will look fab!!
 And I'm pretty sure Little Bully is gonna love it too.
Like maybe too much. Like maybe pee on it too much:( ??

I'm looking forward to ridding (is that even a word?) my house of
fall d├ęcor.....
Rotting pumpkins just ain't my thing!!

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rain on my parade.... :(

It never rains here. Never.
And I never post twice in one week. Never.
But this is happening.
It's something like a 70% chance of rain:( 
And that means no sale:( :( :( :(
 After a serious round table discussion, 
Dan and I decided
to reschedule:)
Saturday December 7th:)
I'll get you the deets next week:)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Craptacular... !!

So it's really a happenin. I'm really going to be having my
Sorry for the crappy phone pics, but it's been crazy around here.
No time for camera, mood lighting and a tripod :(
I'll have tables...
and lamps..(not my fab owl one that's pictured sorry)
Books, dishes, Christmas stuff,
and lots and lots o' crap.
And you know what else I'm gonna have??
My friend Dan from FOUND!
Yep! He'll be joining in on this craptacular event and
bringing stuff too:)
Saturday Nov. 23rd
8:00 am
My house
(across the street from my old house in downtown Mesa)
Email me for directions:)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Etsy......and other stuff.. :)

 I wake up everyday to the sound of a nail gun overhead. I'm totally serious.
And I'm totally happy!
We are starting the reno of the upstairs and it's happening at
lightning speed I tell ya!!
I married speedy Gonzales:)
Anyway....while I'm supposed to be researching lighting, tile,
sinks and such...
I find myself looking at pretties on Etsy:)
How adorable is this bunting! I think that's what it's called??
From France!! It was $28 and who doesn't love getting a package
from France? No one! that's who.

And let me introduce you to my friend Marni Zarr:)
We met while working together at FOUND.
She had this dream of designing and selling her own line
of stationery...

And whadda ya know.... she did it!!
You can find it here on Etsy:)
These note pads are perfect for teacher gifts or gasp! I'm gonna say it...
stocking stuffers!!
Christmas is right around the corner:)
Marni is as sweet as this birthday card she created:)
And who wouldn't love to get this little gem in the mail?
Again, no one!!
While supposedly looking at lighting...this cow picture ended up in my shopping cart.
I hate when that happens!! Just kidding, I love when that happens:)
Thank you Pottery Barn!
Something else that made it's way into my shopping cart?
A butter sculpture of a turkey.
I found it at Sprouts and held it on my lap the entire
ride home so it's cuteness wouldn't get smushed:)
And who wouldn't want to slather their Thanksgiving rolls
with that adorableness?
Let's say it together.......
NO ONE!! :)