Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This weeks DIY...

While trolling TJ Maxx yesterday, I came across this $29.99 lamp. It was cute, but very basic black with a natural shade. I brought it home and decided to give it some love. I started by painting the base with Rustoleum satin spray paint in Heirloom white. I then glazed it with Ralph Lauren smokey glaze. It turned out grrreat :) I took a look at that plain ole shade and decided to tape off some stripes and glaze that too! I finished it off with some twine and snap! Lamp now looks like this:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bon Vouloir

So, it's Monday evening and I had to come up with something to write about and I had absolutely NO idea what to say here in my "column" as my husband calls it. So I started thinking about what I've been up to this week. I soon realized I spent A LOT of time at Bon Vouloir. I stole that awesomeness from a fellow blogger who uses that name instead of Goodwill! I love it! Anyway, I thought I'd show you the goodies I found this week.

This absolutely adorable white pedestal bowl! How beaut is that! And $12! I know, kinda pricey but it's perfect :) Next up:

This old beautifully crackled ceramic lamp shade for $2. I saw it differently. Like upside down, like this:

Oh and those fab boots you say? Yep, $8 !!! But they're verrry deceiving....they're concrete and weigh a TON!! Me loves :) And last but not least:

This fantastic little bowl. $2! Yes ladies, there are goodies to be had. And lots. For cheap. So git to gittin!! (oh and those beautiful green tomatoes? my local friday farmers market. I'm gonna fry 'em up tomorrow) :)

** Great news!! Hubby is buying me a camera for my "column" . CAN'T WAIT!! I mean really!! You poor 3 people who actually read this have to deal with the worst pics EVER!! So sorry :(

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just some of the loot...

I returned from Texas with a few goodies. With the house not framed yet, I didn't want to get things that wouldn't fit so I stuck to getting just the "littles". I came home with 2 wonderful (green) chairs, a sweet (green) little table, and the best ever (again green) vintage fish bowl lamp! Things went straight to storage so your imagination is going to have to do for now :( but trust me, they are BEAUTS!! We came across a lady that sells these vintage 1st and 2nd grade flash cards. They were adorable and we all couldn't resist and came home with some. This is what I did with mine:

Rog (my hubby Roger) had some old crown molding laying around (leftover from a cabinet job) that was already finished with this fantastic green color so he made these frames for me! I used some spray adhesive to mount the burlap onto the back and the flashcard onto the burlap and voila!! the cutest frames ever!! Oh, and the glass was $3 because they were scraps from my local hardware store :) I'm a happy girl!

Well of course my lovely has to eat in beautiful surroundings!! And the dog bowl stand? 2 used bricks and an old beat up piece of 2x10 found in the back yard :) And yes, I had to put tuna in his bowl to get him to pose for me....hey whatever it takes right?!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's worth the wait....really it is :)

With plans for our restoration in the city and building starting soon, I've been dreaming about my beautiful kitchen. Our house is a 1916 bungalow (the style that I adore) and I finally get to have the kitchen I've always wanted! White subway tile, carrera marble, wood floors - de lish!! I've been collecting things for this beautiful space for a year now. Among them- an antique candy makers island! Ohhhh yes! Found it at Sage, a favorite antique store in Phoenix. Wish I had pics for you but the beauty is in storage:( just visited her this weekend and promised her it won't be long before she graces my kitchen... :)