Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Underneath it all..... :)

This last week Rog and I went to check on the demo progress on one
of our homes. I love this part! This is when we can
peel away the layers and take a good look at we get to work with.
Almost always we find treasures.
Well, treasures to some of us:) 

Check out this ceiling that was covered up by 
sheet rock and insulation. Bummer we won't be able
to keep it since we are adding a second story:(
But we're going to salvage the wood and use it
somewhere else in the house:)

Wish I had a before pic of this fireplace:(
When the guys were doing the demo, they pulled off the brick
and tore out the hearth and underneath it all
they found bags of.....

What in the world? They had been walled over, sheet rocked over, 
and bricked over for who knows how long!!

The guys were like coooool!!!!
I was like- is grandmas china in there? old silver?? vintage jewelry???
anyyyything I would want????

Ugh no. Just stupid guns.

We only kept the one below. Because it was from
like 1903 and it just looked cool:)

While I was bummed to know there wasn't bags of the 
green stuff (aka cold hard cash) in the hearth,
I did however find this fabulous wallpaper
in the bathroom that is fun to look at:)

 Since this bathroom is going to be a goner, I'm gonna
have the guys save me a square of it so I can frame it:)

Sure could have used those bags of money that weren't in the 
hearth for my trip on Sunday... 

I'm going to see my sister for TWO WEEKS in Sydney, Australia
with my mama!!!
I can't WAIT!!

So I'm lettin you know that this girl here ain't gonna be doin no bloggin
till I get back, ok??

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Team Player.... :)

Me: Hey Little Bully?

LB: Yeah...??

Me: So you know it's Monday right? and you know what that means, right?

LB: Um yeah... only the most stressful day of the week for you.

Me: Yeah well, I'm gonna need your help on this one...

Me: And I bought some craft supplies...

LB: I don't like the sounds of this...

Me: Well it's your birthday on Friday and I thought... well...
maybe you'd let me take some pics of you and all?
I promise treats??

LB: Can I sleep in your bed tonight? Can I snuggle on the couch all day
tomorrow on those "no dog" pillows??

Me: Fiiiine!!!

Me: (laughing hysterically) YOU LOOK SOOOO ADORABLE!!!

LB: Just take the stinkin picture...

Me: Seriously Wally, if you will just look at me 
straight on we could get this over with quicker.

Thank the heavens NONE of my friends read your blog...

Me: Come on! (still hysterically laughing) I just 
need the money shot!!

LB: ........

Me: YES! YES!! YES!!!

Happy 10th Birthday to the sweetest blonde, brown eyed Frenchman
who ever did grace the planet. I love you to pieces my Little Bully:)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

We are family.... :)

This guy right here.
He's been in my life longer than he hasn't.
And I wouldn't have it any other way:)
This last week we celebrated our 29th! can you believe it??
I can:)

We went to our favorite date place for dinner,
Plow & Angel at San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito.
We sat at our favorite table right there in front of that roaring fire,
and it was... perfect:)

The best thing though???
He surprised me with something that was going to 
complete a certain little family...
You guys know what I'm talkin' bout!!

You can imagine me squealing like a little school girl.

I gots the whole fam damily now people!!!

I do need to figure out a better to display these prickly cuties, but
for now- me so so very happy!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Project Beautify Hilltop.... :)

These two.
Honestly I couldn't be prouder.
Rio and Chase just finished up this home in Ventura last week,
and you guys....

This home was built in 1957 and was in serious need
of some lovin' from someone.
Enter Rio and Chase:)

 Let's step inside and take a look shall we?

Originally this was the dining and living room with big picture windows.
Rio and Chase took it to the next level by adding these amazing 
accordion doors and a huge (like 12ft x 60ft) wraparound deck that looks out to
the most beautiful unobstructed ocean view.

 This kitchen....
Serious heart eyes people.

 This master bedroom. You wake up, you sit up, and straight ahead...
ocean view:)

The master bath:)

This deck with that view is pretty much where I would happily spend
the rest of my days:)

No surprise this amazing house is already pending:)
These two are already on to their next project in Santa Barbara!!

For more pics and info on this property,

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Project Beautify Coronado... :)

Look at her. Ain't she a beaut?

Say hello to our latest completed project.
This Señorita was built in 1928 and we purchased her from
Margaret, the sweetest lady who had lived there since the early 70's.

I knew the second I saw this little house that I wanted to strip the 
paint off that wood on the front porch and stain it to add some warmth.

We painted the exterior Swiss Coffee (duh) and stained the wood trim
around the windows. We added the black fabric awning to soften the front a bit.
We left all the original succulents because... they're just cool!

The front door is painted Lagoon by Sherwin Williams.
This house is 1 mile from the beach, so I'm thinkin that blue works!

A little paint and some updated tile was all that fireplace needed:)

This entire house was covered in carpet. We gave the old floors underneath a shot, but
sadly (VERY SADLY) we weren't able to salvage them :( :( :(
Honestly my heart still hurts over it.

This Schoolhouse Electric chandelier (although it looks a little wonky in the pic above) 
is just the most awesome thing! I bought it to use a few houses ago, but it
never worked out in any of them.
 It finally found it's home:)

The original little tiny breakfast nook to the right of the stove
is now the laundry room with a door to the back yard.

The black metal hood-
 Ryne made the hood shell out of wood, then we had a sheet metal guy
cut the parts and Ryne installed them and added the metal rivets
and painted it wrought iron black.

Then there's that tile....
Oh my I love it.
I just spent an insane amount of time looking for the link for it,
but canny findy. I blame this hellish cold I got after playing nurse
to Rog and Ryne last week...
I know the brand is Merola and I ordered it from Home Depot.

If you wanna go and check out some more pics of this adorable abode
This Señorita lasted about 2.5 seconds before someone snatched her up.
She's pending already! 

                                ¡Ay, caramba!