Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Outside my window.... :)

Ohhh my goodness. So much going on over here!
This house ain't never seen the likes of a concrete drive.
Till today:)
Yep, this house was built sometime between 1910-20 and has
always had a dirt drive.
Well that might have been great and all back in the day when
peeps rode horses, but nowadays? not so much.
So hooray! for clean shoes and car mats!! :)

Here's a sneak peak into my stuff going upstairs in the Master
in the next few weeks. The hubby isn't lovin the cowhide....
I love it and keep trying to tell him that it will look fab!!
 And I'm pretty sure Little Bully is gonna love it too.
Like maybe too much. Like maybe pee on it too much:( ??

I'm looking forward to ridding (is that even a word?) my house of
fall d├ęcor.....
Rotting pumpkins just ain't my thing!!

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rain on my parade.... :(

It never rains here. Never.
And I never post twice in one week. Never.
But this is happening.
It's something like a 70% chance of rain:( 
And that means no sale:( :( :( :(
 After a serious round table discussion, 
Dan and I decided
to reschedule:)
Saturday December 7th:)
I'll get you the deets next week:)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Craptacular... !!

So it's really a happenin. I'm really going to be having my
Sorry for the crappy phone pics, but it's been crazy around here.
No time for camera, mood lighting and a tripod :(
I'll have tables...
and lamps..(not my fab owl one that's pictured sorry)
Books, dishes, Christmas stuff,
and lots and lots o' crap.
And you know what else I'm gonna have??
My friend Dan from FOUND!
Yep! He'll be joining in on this craptacular event and
bringing stuff too:)
Saturday Nov. 23rd
8:00 am
My house
(across the street from my old house in downtown Mesa)
Email me for directions:)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Etsy......and other stuff.. :)

 I wake up everyday to the sound of a nail gun overhead. I'm totally serious.
And I'm totally happy!
We are starting the reno of the upstairs and it's happening at
lightning speed I tell ya!!
I married speedy Gonzales:)
Anyway....while I'm supposed to be researching lighting, tile,
sinks and such...
I find myself looking at pretties on Etsy:)
How adorable is this bunting! I think that's what it's called??
From France!! It was $28 and who doesn't love getting a package
from France? No one! that's who.

And let me introduce you to my friend Marni Zarr:)
We met while working together at FOUND.
She had this dream of designing and selling her own line
of stationery...

And whadda ya know.... she did it!!
You can find it here on Etsy:)
These note pads are perfect for teacher gifts or gasp! I'm gonna say it...
stocking stuffers!!
Christmas is right around the corner:)
Marni is as sweet as this birthday card she created:)
And who wouldn't love to get this little gem in the mail?
Again, no one!!
While supposedly looking at lighting...this cow picture ended up in my shopping cart.
I hate when that happens!! Just kidding, I love when that happens:)
Thank you Pottery Barn!
Something else that made it's way into my shopping cart?
A butter sculpture of a turkey.
I found it at Sprouts and held it on my lap the entire
ride home so it's cuteness wouldn't get smushed:)
And who wouldn't want to slather their Thanksgiving rolls
with that adorableness?
Let's say it together.......
NO ONE!! :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The porch.... :)

Let's go back. Waaay back. Let's go back to when we bought this
beauty...sight unseen! Yep, we only knew what the
outside looked like, but that was enough.
We were in love:)

Not sure why those metal gates were ever put on this porch,
but they were one of the first things to go.

Here we are pulling stucco off and finding buried treasure:)

Body and trim painted and starting the rebuild of the columns:)

And here we are today!!!
That was the house squealing. She's sooo happy:)

Here's a close up with the screen door closed.
With the weather hovering right around fabulous,
the front door stays open pretty much all day:)

(oh, and do you see how we "camouflaged" the other door? We're
leaving that door there until the upstairs is done, so all the trades
are able to access the upstairs without coming inside. Score!
then that bad boy will make it's way into the dumpster (buh bye 1985!) and
 be replaced by a window:) 

I ordered this mailbox. How cute huh??

Not that there was anything wrong with this one, I just thought
that the scale would be better:)

And see the old stamped concrete?

I'm thinking about doing something like this...?

If anyone knows where this picture came from originally, let me know?
I found it on...Pinterest of course!
Your thoughts??
The deets:
Body paint- Benjamin Moore Providence Olive- HC98
Trim paint- Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45
Front door paint- Benjamin Moore Black Beauty 2128-10
Screen door- Home Depot
House numbers- Me:) I just painted them on an old window
Door mat- Pottery Barn