Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It all started with.... :)

This adorable old green chair.... I bought it at 
The Old Brick House Vintage Market that happens once a month
in downtown Mesa.
I walked in, saw it, and was immediately smitten:)
I mean come on! look at the color??
It HAD to be mine:)

Well after getting it home, I looked around and realized..
I really needed to balance out all this green.

I haven't been able to decide what exactly I wanted to do for curtains in 
the front room. I still had the oatmeal ones from the previous owner, and they
always gave me the worst case of the drabs:(

Then I remembered I had bought this Tatiana curtain panel at World Market
to show someone else for their house. Weeell, I hung it up and 
LOVED the way the blue worked so well with all my green!!
I might add a liner to them for thickness, but for now-
and for the price ($31.49 a panel!) they're working!!

Who knew I could love blue?? :)

I think it's just what all my green needed!!

I went over and raided Rio's pillow cover stash and brought
home the blue chevron and ikat prints:)

I KNOW what you're thinking....
how in the world do you see the TV over that crazy fern??
Haha!! Apparently not just my furniture is green, 
my thumb is too!! It's going to have to find a new home soon,
it spent the last few weeks on the floor while the
Olympics were on:)

I'm hoping to show you all the upstairs next week!

And after examining this pic, someone needs to clean 
some risers...!!
Man! I wish that someone was Little Bully....  :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spring Green.... :)

Spring is in the air!! At least here in AZ it is...
With temps hovering around gorgeous,
the springtime weather in Arizona is heaven! You can eat your dinners outside,
ride your bike for forever, and enjoy pretty flowers.
I could do this everyday for the rest of my life...
Or until June:(

Anyway.... let's just take a moment and enjoy the beauty that is
staring back at you...

How beeeautiful are these green ball jars!!
I have the best Tuesday followers ever:)
Thank you, thank you to Karen M who emailed me to 
let me know about these cuties!

I ordered them online from the Fresh Preserving Store, but
just like the blue ones, I'm sure they'll be in Target and WalMart
before long.

I use ball jars for drinking glasses. I also use them to store my rice, 
beans, pastas and such:) 

And especially for flowers:)
Look at the word on the bottom.....


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Project Beautify.... :)

So you all know how I have this thing for old houses right?
How I love them to pieces and dream of restoring each and every one?
For the rest of my life?
Well luckily...I'm not alone. Yep. My entire adorable family
shares this same wacky dream of mine.
So we decided to put all our crazy (to put it gently) heads together
and make it happen!!

So let me introduce you to the team at Project Beautify:)

Chase- Rio's bf who (God bless him) had no idea the craziness he was walking into
when he started dating Rio 6 years ago!! He's our realtor and sniffer of deals.

Rio- Where to start with this girl? She can do EVERYTHING. I'm not even kidding. She can use power tools, bake amazing cupcakes, and sew just about anything. She heads up our creative arts dept. and by that I mean logo, website, pr, and all things tech!

Ryne- I mean come on! Is he gorgeous or what?? He's our model. Just kidding. Ryne is just like his daddy. This boy can create, create, create! He's our master hood maker and can, well- pretty much make anything!!

Me- hmmm, what do I do? Well, I guess I'm the dreamer....I look at the houses and dream of what they could look like! I get to pick paint, tile, wood, counter tops, appliances etc.

Roger (the hubby)- He's the brains in it all. The guy knows what he's doin' I tell ya! 
He's our visionary- big picture guy, and truly the one that heads up this dream:) 

I just thought I'd show you how many stinkin times it took to get the right picture.... UGH!!
Ok, back to Project Beautify. 
So I know you all know this is my hood in my kitchen.
And you know that I love it....
Sooo, we here at Project Beautify are going to share that love!!

That's right!! Ryne made this hood and we are 
Just go follow us on Instagram at
and share this pic and tag us for a chance to win it!!

And to keep sharing this love,
for the week of February 11-18 you can purchase
one of Ryne's hand crafted wood hoods for 35% off!
Just enter the promo code Tuesdays35 at checkout!!

I'm hoping to post pics of some of our current homes we have going soon!
I can't WAIT to show you!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Come and sit for a while.... :)

So I got me a new bench for my dining room:)
...and I'm in love.

 And I got me a new light...from FOUND of course:)
....and I'm in love.

I got me some green velvet curtains:)
....and yep! I'm in love with them too.

My son (yeah you read that right!) sewed me up some new pillows for my couch:)

New little green adorable striped rug from Target:)

Of course nothing steals my heart more than a short, blonde, snoring Frenchman....