Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Super.... :)

So this last week I took my sweet nieces to see Man of Steel.
Two. Thumbs. Down.
There's a chance I would have enjoyed spending those 2 hours and 28 minutes
that I will never get back in my life watching Buns of Steel!!
Ugh! Where was the love story??
Lois Lane is a brunette-duh!!
And red glittered boots?? Embarrassing.
This here, is the real Man of Steel. I mean what girl can forget when
he takes Lois on a date flying all around the place??
Not this sappy Pisces girl, I'll tell ya that!!
And those eyes.... :)
So this newest version of Superman was to me...
Super lame:(
What's not super lame??
This recipe for a fab smoothie that- after drinking it will leave  you feeling like Superwoman.
This here concoction is a favorite of ours. We make it allll the time:)
The cast of characters:
Spinach (about a handful)
Flax milk (about 1/2 cup) or whatever milk/juice you got
Hemp hearts (about 2 Tbsp.) *fab source of protein:)
Peanut Butter (about a heaping Tbsp)*I buy the honey peanut butter for extra sweet:)
Cinnamon (a couple shakes)
A whole ripe banana (peeled of course) *when your bananas start to overripe, I like to peel them and freeze them in chunks, makes for the best cold smoothies!
Flax seeds ( a couple spoonfuls) * it adds such a great nutty flavor:)
A handful of ice
Stick all that goodness in your blender and li-qui-fy!!
And here you have it:)
Super healthy.
Super yummy:)
Let me know if you give it a try!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Desperado..... :)

Why don't you come to your senses...
This song would play in my head every time I stepped foot into this room.
I couldn't do it. I COULD NOT live another minute in this ugliness.
I don't even care if it's going to be demoed in a matter of weeks.
My new shower curtains were just sittin there starin me in the face...
begging to be hung up:)

So I grabbed my trusty glue gun, a bolt of fabric that I had in my hoarder
fabric pile and......fixed that mess!
Yeah that's right. I stinkin hot glued that fabric to the walls!!
The fabric is 54" wide and I hung it horizontally so I wouldn't have any seams!
The hubby trimmed the top and bottom with some scrap wood.
LOVE this shower curtain:)
How adorable is that perfectly worn orange stool!! :)
Just one of the many fab finds I brought home from Junk Bonanza back in March:)

The hubby hung this cutest of lights! Another Junk Bonanza goodie:)


So there is one room in this entire house that feels put together.
Because just right outside the bathroom door.... chaos:(
Yeah it's a mess... but that means progress!!
And that makes this girl HAAAAPPY!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Crazy.... :)

So are you ready for the bathroom reveal??
Yeah, me too.
But this is as good as it's going to get for now.
Why you ask? Oh let me just pan out a little and show you....
Phase 1 reno has begun!! I stepped out for about an hour and came home to this!!
 I knew the reno was
going to be starting soon, I just didn't think THIS soon!!!
Ok and truth be told- LOOK at this hideousness!!!!!
This first coat of paint had me in full on hysterics:(
What the? What the what? What. in. the. world. was. I. thinking??
Clearly I wasn't.
(I won't even enlarge the pic for you. Uh huh. It's that bad.)
The hubby said what he always says-
I told you so!!  We'll fix it:)
So I decided to wallpaper this bathroom, but now that
the kitchen reno is in full swing, it doesn't make sense to cute up
the bathroom that's going to be undergoing a reno too. So wallpaper
is on hold for a bit. And so is my sanity.
I honestly feel like I'm going crazy and I'm one bad decision away
from pulling a Britney!
So here's where we're at. The current kitchen is on the left. After being in this house for a while now,
we realized it made waaay more sense to move the kitchen to the right, where there were these
two bedrooms. It's just bigger,brighter and has better windows.
(totally busted Chase checkin out the "lighting") hee hee hee!!!
How cute was this original wallpaper!!??
And just LOOK at those fab (and abused) original ceilings!!

 The little door on the right goes into the (now defaced by hideous paint) bathroom.
 It will be filled in and the
cute little door will be used upstairs:)
Those stinkin lights are EVERYWHERE!!!
Here is the hubby salvaging the most beautiful doors that
will become our new master bedroom doors!
(and he too is checking out the "light") haahaaaaa!!!

And no post would be complete without L.B.
Doesn't his face say it all??
It's a little crazy around here!!!
Craaaazy GOOD!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oranges Poranges..... :)

There's a chance I'm going crazy. I blame the oatmeal walls around here.
I mean, I love to eat me some oatmeal! Juuust don't want to live in it!!
I've been telling my sis that I'm realizing I have this little hidden down deep
love of orange. I found this blanky and pillows whilst perusing
the aisles of TJ the other night.
I love them:) They give that perfect punch of color to all my green:)

I ordered a swatch of this fabric. I'm thinkin I might use it for my living room?  

So since I can't paint anywhere else in the house yet, I'm going to tackle our
insane asylum downstairs bathroom .
I mean come on! doesn't this bathroom scream adorable?!
No. It doesn't. It just screams.

I found this Behr color called Desert Coral,
and I'm gonna go for it!

I ordered this shower curtain from Pottery Barn. I think the black and white
stripes might calm down the orange?
Pics of the finished bathroom next week!