Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First pics..... :)

So here we are so far:)
Still need:
 Paint, counter tops, faucet, back splash, crown molding, hardware and a kitchen island:)
But how much do you love this table?? I bought this from Chris at Uber Chic Home.
He always has the coolest stuff that he finds in Europe and brings it back
here for all of us to enjoy:)
Aaaanyway, I'm calling this the gathering table. If you look close, you can see a tiny
piece of blue tape on the floor where the kitchen island will go over in front of the sink:)
I wanted a separate space where everyone could hang out but wouldn't be
in the way of the cookin! 
Speaking of cookin....!!! GASP!! It's here.
It's finally here:)
I've been thinking long and hard at what fabulousness I was going
to cook on her for the first time.
Boiled eggs.
I know. Totally LAME!!
I told that beautiful gal to just wait one more week and we're
gonna cook up a FEAST!!

My laundry room:) sans wood counter tops. They're a comin!
I'll tell you what, I have not quit doing laundry since Friday when
my machines got hooked up.
I want to live in here.....
Because here's the "living" room:( where flooring is still being ripped out and redone.
Look at my paint color on the wall back there by Jesus.
Sherwin Williams - Windsor Greige:)
It's my current fave, and I'll be using it pretty much everywhere:)

So there you have it. It looks chaotic and it is. But man! I'm counting my blessings
that we're this far!! :)


  1. It looks so wonderful-worth all of the mess to get to this point-I think!
    Love the table, stove, stove hood, and all the white cabinets!
    I look forward to Tuesdays to see what you have done!

  2. Beautiful! You and your husband really have the gift of vision and execution.

  3. Hi Dorie
    It all looks beautiful. Love the wall colour. Thanks for letting us take a peak.
    Kind Regards

  4. Your pictures of the front of your house made it look so small..but wow the inside looks huge. Would love to see your before and after floor plans. Did you guys add on? Just love the new kitchen and the hood over your stove. Thanks for the update..Kathy

    1. Hello Kathy!
      Believe it or not, we did NOT add on. We just re-worked with the space we had. I'll try to get a before/after floor plan drawn up....holy computer skills I don't think I have:) !!

  5. Wow!!! You guys are really coming along....it looks AMAZING!!! I love,love,love your gathering table!!! I would never leave the kitchen if it were mine....seriously!

  6. I just love all of your choices! Always inspiring!

  7. I love, love, love it! Your taste is amazing and your husband's skills are amazing, too. I have a question for you. Your cabinet color looks creamy in the photos. Do you use the same paint color on your trim? Or can you have creamy cabinets and white trim? Yes, I am decorating challenged. :)

    1. Hi Tracy!
      Yes, I used the same color on my cabs as my trim.
      Benjamin Moore- Swiss Coffee. It's my go-to creamy white.
      Yes, you can mix all kinds of whites! I just stick to what works for me:)
      Ya know, the whole if it ain't broke thing.... :)

    2. I ran out and bought 30 gallons of Windsor Griege---don't need to paint anything just yet, but just because I always paint our houses whatever you paint! cheyrl b.

    3. Thank you, Dorie.

  8. Wow...beautiful! Love that gathering table! Cooking should be done together. Noticed the green purse in the living room pic...want one! Jan

  9. Simply gorgeous!! I have a silly question...I see you have recessed lighting, what brand and color are your bulbs? My husband just installed a few in our house and I can't seem to find a bulb that doesn't give off a strange, orangish glow. It's like I'm living in a warehouse for Pete's sake. Thanks so much!

  10. your kitchen is simply perfect. love it all.

  11. Omg! You leave and come back with gorgeousness!! Your kitchen is looking like a dream and that reclaimed wood hood is Ah-mazing! Lucky duck for having such a crafty husband!!

  12. In complete and total love with your stove!!!!

  13. It is wonderful,I love it!


  14. I ADORE it! That range (fabulous, aren't they), that range hood, that table-all of it is swoon worthy. Having just finished our kitchen reno, I know how wonderful it feels to get to this stage!

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    1. I'm loving it!! You and your husband are amazingly talented! Thanks for sharing with us Dorie!

  16. AMAZING!!! Love love love it!! And I love that green purse in the last photo!!


  17. Just happened upon your blog and oh my I am so glad I did! Your kitchen is turning out amazing and I am in LOVE with your new island.

  18. Wow......what an amazing transformation and it isn't even finished! Wow!

  19. WOW!!! Everything is beautiful (but I didn't expect anything less). The hood is beautiful... your hubby is very talented. I don't know how y'all stand everything in a mess... I freak out when I paint one room and things are scattered. haha!! But, know that it will all be worth it in the end.

    Also ~ ~ love your green purse ;)

  20. Absolutely love your new kitchen! And what's not to love about a great laundry room? Heaven knows how much time we spend in there.

    We painted the main living area on our first floor with Windsor Greige. In our home, it takes on a greenish look. Maybe it's my computer monitor, but the color looks more brownish. It is a great neutral color, but I was hoping for a more gray look. It also changes color from day to night.


  21. Dorie, so glad you're back!! I've missed you.. Tuesday's haven't been the same. Your kitchen and laundry room are jaw-dropping! You inspire me!!

  22. Hi Dorie,

    You have great taste lady. I am hoping to copy you on a kitchen reno. I contacted Dave at Denovo for a quote but he said he doesn't include hardware... Would you be willing to share your hardware source? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Charla!
      I sent you an email with the details. But here is where I found my hardware:


  23. Nice, the rooms turned out really well. Love the rug on the 4th pic, the pattern is similar to the bedspreads I just bought :) Very spring season :D

  24. Dorie, everything is just gorgeous! Would NOT expect anything less from you or
    your hubby. Such a talented team you make!!!!! xxo

  25. Are there any plans for the range hoos out there?