Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The blahs .... :(

I got 'em. I've got a serious case of the blahs.
Check out my "kitchen" and "laundry room".
I mean, I can cut up watermelon, make tea AND do laundry
all without taking a single step.
Multi tasking at it's finest RIGHT??
Yeah, that's my dishwasher. Still in working order:)
Little Bully. Sooo confused:(
Oh hello pantry!!

The cool thing is, that when I sweep this multi purpose room I can just swish
that dirt pile right into the big hole just to the right of the stove!!

My ray of sunshine:) The hubby put in my beautiful old kitchen door!!
Complete with her adorable original hardware and peeling paint:)

So here's the dealio. I'm going to be taking a much needed little blog vacay.
I've been blogging every Tuesday for a solid 4 YEARS!!
I think I forgot to post once in that entire time, and I think that was way back when
just my mom and sisters were reading it!
I just need a little break. Like a coupla weeks:)
My brain is fried, and my house is... well you know- a WRECK!!
Sound good? Will you be here when I get back?
Hope so:)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

That's a crock.... :)

With our reno in full swing here at Casa de Tuesdays, we find ourselves eating breakfast here a lot.
A whole lot. Hello fatness!
Anyway, the other morning while the hubby was paying for our heart attack on a plate,
I found something that was going to solve all the worlds problems.
Ok, maybe just a problem in my world. I can't stand the look of these!! With my new laundry
room faintly in sight, I've always wanted some pretty jar or dispenser to put these in.
Since there isn't going to be any cabinets on the wall where the washer and dryer are going to be, the soap and softy stuff are going to have to be out on a shelf in plain sight.
Thank you Cracker Barrel!!! Uh huh. Just take a moment to share in my giddiness:)
How adorable are these crocks!? They are $39.99 each and you can write whatever you want
on the label with a dry erase marker.
And they're big! It will hold the big size Tide you see in the pic above.
Perfect. Me sooo happy:)

.....so while I was writing this I started seeing the hubbs unload the entire contents of my
kitchen onto...yep! my dining room table.

Things are happening fast around here!!

You see, this kitchen will become my new laundry room:)

awesome right???

Can't you just see those adorable crocks on an adorable shelf in this adorable laundry room??
Cantcha? Cantcha?? I can. And I can't WAIT!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Daymaker..... :)

So as I was driving home from Cali and it's amazing 75 degree weather,
I was trying my hardest to put on a happy face. You see I was returning home to this-
Yep. That's my kitchen:(
We had a little setback upon discovering rotting floor joists:(
(please tell me you're totally impressed that I knew that word!)
In typical man fashion, the hubby was like hey! how bout we just dig it down
further and create a cellar that will have a trap door entrance under the island?
Um hey! NO!!
Juuust look at that old wall color!! I swear I used to live here once upon a time.... :)

Ok, I really do have a point here. Back to the car ride.... So I was having a pity party that only I was invited to apparently, when we pulled into the drive to find this!!!
Honest to goodness I have the best blog followers EVER!!!
I got an email from a sweet gal who is downsizing and wondering if I would
love something that she has loved for over a decade.
Of course I said yes! And maybe there's a chance that I said hell yes!!

Anyway, I had no idea when this ole gal was going to come spend the rest of her
days with me, so what an amazing welcome home sight she was!
Just standing there on my front sidewalk, begging to come inside and
get out of the heat:) 

I moved her (yes, by myself. cause that's what we crazy ladies do when we need to get stuff done right?) to where someday soon she will stand forever, proudly holding up my sagging ceiling :)

Her sweetness will help create some division in this big room:)
I'm going to hang a window between her and the wall to make it feel
like a little entrance:)

Thank you thank you Lisa from the bottom of my happy (and very sweaty) heart.
You made my day!!! :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vacation... :)

I'm here in my happy place by the sea:)
We've been watching fireworks on the beach for about 20 years.
Since we sold our place in DP, it's given us the opportunity to rent places anywhere and everywhere!
Kinda fun!!
But we're creatures of habit, and tend to stick to DP and most recently...San Clemente:)
The pier here is beeeautiful:) the weather... AMAZING!!
I don't know about you, but when the weather is cool and breezy it makes this gal
want to cook!! I mean come on! What's better than to Pinterest all day and get inspiration
for that nights dinner?! All while staring at God's amazing creation??
Nothing. Nothings better. Okay, maybe a few things:)
Check out this chicken-
I found this chicken recipe on Pinterest. It looked amazing. But since the only ingredient I had
in said recipe was the chicken, I had to improvise:)
Chicken, salt, pepper, rosemary, olive oil, lemon zest and slices- that's it:) 

Hasselback potatoes:) What's not to love?? And EASY!!

Simple spinach salad with tomatoes and pine nuts, dressed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar:)
And for dessert?? Berries in Lemon Sauce:)

And by sauce I mean equal parts vanilla yogurt and lemon curd:)
Uh huh! That's it! Stir it together and drizzle that shizzle:)

Top it with some mint (cause it looks super fab) and a lemon cookie:)

Sooo needless to say I'm enjoying turning on my oven guilt free:)
What's not guilt free?? The stinkin extra lbs. that I'm sure are going to be coming home with me:(
Happy 4th everyone!!