Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Via Baja so far.... :)

I thought I'd give you all a little update on one of our current 
houses. This is the Elizabeth June house, or what we call
(by the address) the Via Baja house.

I luh uh uhve this house.
Like so so much.
The views are spectacular from the back yard and it just has
the best feel to it!

Roof is done and we're painting the exterior today!

I absolutely love creating these homes for other people. We always say
we make our homes something that we would love to live in ourselves:)

Lighting all in and ready to hang and look pretty:)

Wood floors are in and we're ready to paint the interior.

Soapstone counters all templated and ordered. Oh you have no idea how
much I want these counters for myself....sigh...someday:)

Kitchen faucet:)

This here is my inspiration for the interior colors. White walls, black doors:)

Brushed brass cabinet hardware:)

 Gasp! Look at that tile. I had to beg and bat my green eyes for it.
I was just shy of promising to eat Ramen for a 
month to get it. 

You're welcome future buyer:)

This gorgeous home sits up on a hill in Ventura, CA with the bestest views of an
avocado orchard with the ocean just beyond that.
Dreamy I tell ya...
She'll be ready to snatch up around mid November.
I can't WAIT to show you when she's complete!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Freaking Target.... :)

I'll just start this post by saying...

  the other day I was at Target....
and there it happened..
 I saw this lamp.

Freaking Target.
I walk in to get something like toilet paper,
and end up with this lamp that starts
an avalanche of reorganizing, cleaning and

 I don't know what it is? Subliminal messages is the music?
Something in the popcorn? But every stinkin time
I'm at Target, I get sucked in to perusing the house stuff.
Like I end up looking at every. little. thing!!

So this lamp made it's way into my cart:)

I decided I couldn't handle my desk back there behind the chair anymore.
(Nobody puts baby in the corner!! ha ha ha!!)

So I moved it into the guest room and it freed up
this corner and made it look SOOO much better in here!!

That pillow....makes me snile every time I look at it ;)

Somehow those two little wood houses on that shelf made their way
into my cart too! I hate when that happens!!
Just kidding. I love when that happens:)

(yes that's the weirdest place for a sconce ever.. the 
joys of renting:)

And new lamp means new pillow covers right?
They're all from H&M:)

I mean what's a house without a bug pillow?

I should have stuck to the toilet paper aisle!

Freaking Target.
I love you:)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Roll with it.... :)

 So this here is the master bedroom in our little cutie.
That door straight ahead is the bathroom, which is what
makes this the master because all the bedrooms in 
this house are kinda the same size.

I've never lived with so little "decor" in my whole life.
This house is small and I just have no room for it! 
But you know what?  I'm liking it that way:)

I'm learning when you live in a small house, you've got to get 
creative sometimes to find extra storage space.
My bedspread hides all the baskets under the bed that hold 
shoes and winter bedding etc.

This dresser is still one of my fave pieces I've ever
bought from FOUND in AZ.
Loooove it:)

What's not to love? That teeny tiny closet just to
the right of my dresser that's what :(

I used to have a ridiculous amount of jewelry. After the last few
moves and purges, this is what's left. And to be honest, all I really 
wear anymore is what's laying on the dresser.

So let's get back to the teeny tiny closet.
You guys. Even after I purged and kept only what I really love
and really wear...
I couldn't fit it in that teeny tiny closet:(
Think a closet the size of a house built in the 20's.
Yeah. Peeps back then had like no clothes.

I knew this pipe clothes rack from World Market was gonna help a girl out.
At first I was a little scared about the look of it, 
but days later I was setting it up and....

I love it!!
I put all my fall/winter clothes out hoping that by
doing this, fall/winter weather might actually 
decide to make an appearance!!

 Anyone else over the warm weather??

Who's ready for sweaters and boots??
and fires...
and soups...

(once again, I'm a poet and didn't know it)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Big Sur Bigger hair..... :)

So the day after my cousin and his sweet family left,
more family showed up:)

Seriously how lucky am I that I've got such great people
in my life that want to come hang with me:)

This is my sis in law and her two lovely girlies, and they
wanted to see Big Sur...

You guys....!!!
It's honestly breathtaking.
McWay Falls...I love you.

My sis in law read about Pfeiffer Beach where the sand is
purple so we headed there next.
I couldn't WAIT to take pics of us in all this loveliness!!

Well let me just say, this beach gave a whole new meaning to the phrase
"wind in my hair".

I don't even know how hard the wind was blowing, like I don't know
the exact miles per hour because I'm not a wind measurer, but holy
sandblasting people!!

I'm laughing in this pic to keep from crying because just seconds before
 my SIL's hair whipped in my face and I swear darn near sliced
my cornea.

I learned my lesson and put on my safety goggles.

I love this pic so much!!
Totally kidding.
 I love how it makes me look like I have purple
teeth. Like I've drank an entire bottle of red wine.

 Which to tell you the truth, I wanted to drink myself silly when we got to our 
hotel and I went to wash out the 
10 lbs. of sand in my hair and realized two things...

I forgot my HAIRBRUSH 
...and my CONDITIONER!!

Good times.