Tuesday, December 30, 2014

XOXO.... :)

 So you know when you get together with your family and you have the
best time ever and then you realize that not one picture was taken
of this grand time?
Yeah. Happens to me every time!!

This is the one and only picture that was taken of us Christmas day
thanks to Chase's mom Susan:)
This pic was taken after a yummy dinner at Rio's new house.
(yes I'm jealous of her adorable little cottage)

The next morning the hubby and I rode our bikes down to Lucky Llama,
our local coffee shop here in Carp.
The hubs does tea. I do lattes:)

Then later that evening.... 
It would just be a crime if we didn't watch this at least a few times
a week right??
Never gets old. Never. Ever:)

While walking LB the other morning I look up to see this...

XOXO 2014! You've been very good to us:)
Looking sooo forward to what lies ahead!!

Happy New Year all!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas... :)

 So this is Christmas. And my mom is busy, and well.. let's 
be honest, she's the biggest procrastinator!!
 She looked at me and said "I'm sorry Wallace, but
you're going to have to take one for the team." 

So she bought this shirt, forced me to wear it and sit in my best
frenchie pose in front of the Christmas tree.
Smile! she said.
I am! I said.

Merry Christmas!!
From all of us here at Tuesdays with Dorie Wallace :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The most wonderful time of the year... :)

I came home after 10 days in AZ with Rio to all my
Thanksgiving stuff still staring me in the face:(
To be honest, after putting it all away, I had zero desire to 
go back out the garage and pull out the Christmas bins!

I was seriously having to talk myself into it!
Then I put on some Christmas music,
got all hopped up on coffee and suddenly all was right in the world!!

Since this house is so small, it's really easy for it to feel cluttered.
I tried to keep the decorations to a minimum and only 
put out what I love:)

If you follow me on Instagram (@TUESDAYSWITHDORIEANN)
then you've already seen this #shelfie.
This is really the only place in the house that I can 
display goodies:)

The skinny leg people! These Lori Mitchell figurines are one
of my favorite things ever!! 

I've had the green feather wreath for forever. I bought it
years ago at Home Goods. 
The pom pom wreath I got at Anthro one day when I 
convinced myself that $pending a ridiculou$ amount
of ca$h on a wreath wa$ a great idea.
It was:)

I bought this plaid pillow at Design Lab in Mesa last year? the year before?
I don't remember, but it sure makes me happy!

Guess what else makes me happy??
Seeing this truck pull into Carp yesterday!!!

You guys...
Rio and Chase are HERE!!
I'm giddy! Over the moon happy:) !!!!

I had to laugh that not 15 minutes into unloading boxes, Rio was already
making her little cottage her own...

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Project Beautify 131 ..... :)

Thank you all so much for showing up and supporting
Atticus and Project Beautify this past weekend:)

For those of you who couldn't make it and see this labor
of love of Chase and Rio's, I thought I'd post some
pics for you!

These two knocked this one out of the park!
They had a vision for this house from the very beginning,
and between the two of them their hard work and fearless creativity really paid off!

This house was built in 1952. The original owner sold the house in
1954 to a couple that lived in it up until they sold it to Rio and Chase.

It started out 1300 sq. ft. and ended up 2700 sq. ft.

I'm just gonna let you scroll on through these beautiful pics and imagine
yourself in this house... :)

A before of the kitchen:)

Yes! This house can be yours!

My favorite part of the house! This 3 sided fireplace.

The laundry room.... sigh...

Yeah. This hallway...big sigh!!!

LOOK at this backyard.... !!

My favorite pic is this adorable one here. 
That's Dolores. She's the one that loved this house since 1954.
As she toured her former home we all watched and waited (a little nervously)
for what she was going to say...

After walking around 3 times,  with a big smile on her face she looked over at Rio and said..
"I approve!"

We couldn't be more proud of the hard work Rio and Chase have
put into this beautiful home.

If you want to pack up your stuff and move into this beaut, 
then give Chase a holla! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Atticus James... :)

It's that time again!!
We've got another Project Beautify house for you all 
to tour!! 
This house is a 1952 ranch in downtown Mesa,
and boy oh boy it's a cutie!

Speaking of cute boys....

Meet Atticus James.
This sweet little guy is my cousins 
15 month old baby.

He's been recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.
Atticus just finished his second round of chemo and with more treatments 
to come, you can imagine the mountain of medical bills.

The outpouring of love and support from so many friends and family
has been amazing. If you want to join in supporting this
sweet boy you can!

My cousin posted a video of Atticus in the hospital where, when asked
what does a lion say? he answered with a rooooaaaar!!
That was the inspiration for these shirts:)
You can order one here:)

these wrist bands can be ordered here:)

 We're asking for a $5 suggested donation to tour the house and help
out baby Atticus:)

I'll be there!!
and so will Waffle Luv!!
Great house! great food! greater cause:)

Friday Dec. 5th 9:30-1:30
Saturday Dec. 6th 11-3

131 West 2nd Street
Mesa, AZ 85201

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The deal.... :)

I lived the last 46 years of my life in Mesa, Arizona.
 I had my pick of like 4 different Targets and 
the best TJ Maxx Home Goods evah just 
a short drive from home.

And then I moved....
The closest Target is about 25 minutes away, and that's not
so bad. But TJ??? I think the closest one is an hour and
a half away:( :( :( and it's not a Home Goods :( :( :(

Now you have to understand, these stores were my go to places.
Ya know what I mean? Like there's pretty much nothing in the world
that I couldn't find in either of them!

You can start rolling your eyes about now...
because I was really kind of freaking out! 

Well one morning when I was walking Wallace and wondering to myself
how I was going to tackle this first world problem-
I nearly stepped on this piece of paper.

Love Carpinteria 
I seriously was laughing to myself. 

I happened to live in the sweetest town with the most 
adorable little shops full of goodies carefully picked
out by their hardworking owners:)

This Saturday is Small Business Saturday.
It's a day that encourages holiday shoppers to hit the brick and mortar
businesses that are small and local.

No one better understands this concept than the gals at 
Restylesource, a guide to all things local!!
You guys want eye candy? Oh my. Go look.
Restylesource strongly believes that supporting local businesses
keeps our communities vibrant, healthy and strong:)
And I have to agree!!

 I went out and snapped some pics of just a few of my
fave little stores downtown here in Carp:)

This store was one of the first places I went into when I moved here.
And you know what? the next time I went in, the gal there
remembered me!!!
I loved that:)

I'm kinda regretting I didn't take these lil guys
home with me:(

I LOVE this little store!! And Daniel..what a sweetheart!
It's full of soaps, lotions, candles and some
fab robes and jammies!!

I had to take a pic of this adorable lady.
I mean, look at her collar! And just imagine this-
she walked over to this shelf and said "well look 
at these chaps!" in the sweetest accent.
I was dying. and staring. and wanting to beg her to be my friend.

Oh this store...
The owners are this sweet young couple with an eye
for goodies:) and always up for good conversation.
I love that:)

And I want that sweater.

And there's a big chance I'm gonna have this someday soon.
The owner's friend makes them:)

This store has been here in Carp for over 40 years.
In 1985 they were chosen the "Official Mint of the 50th Presidential Inauguration".
You walk in and immediately smell their homemade fudge.

You know what else you'll smell?
Fresh popcorn:)
Imagine me driving a stick shift while enjoying this yumminess 
on the way home:)

I practically begged this woman to hire me... for free:)
This store is just so fun to walk around in and you WILL
want to have a party. I mean come on! I NEED that teepee!!

I've really come to love this shopping local. I love the chatting, 
the familiar faces of the employees, 
the experience you get when
you walk in a store and leave with a new friend:) 

So if you want to sleep in a tent in the parking lot of Best Buy to get that
deal on Friday, then do it!
But come Saturday? Think outside the box!!
Get out and hit up your local mom and pop shops.

Personally, I think it's a waaay better deal:)

Happy Thanksgiving!!