Project Beautify

......building the future by restoring the past

We here at Project Beautify are a family dedicated to the art of restoring old houses. We live in a time of get rid of the old and bring in the new, and sometimes that comes at the expense of what we believe to be our country's history.
Too often old houses are looked at as too much work to save and a whole lot easier to tear down. While this may be true in some cases, most of the time it's not.
Project Beautify has a passion for saving those neglected, worn out, forgotten and sometimes deemed uninhabitable houses.
We don't just "re-do" or "renovate", we RESTORE,
and there IS a difference. We take pride in spending the extra time and energy it takes to return
an old home to it's former glory.

Walls DO talk... and we listen.

*click on the green highlighted house name for details*

Grove St. Ventura, CA
This mid century modern beauty was built in 1957 and had never been
on the market until now. We were lucky to be the one's the
homeowners picked to love on this place!

Arbor St. Ventura, CA
This was our first house we did after making the move to California.
What a cutie she is!!

131 2nd St.
This house was right across the street from my last house,
and a true labor of love for Rio and Chase. They did this
house all by themselves!!

This house is located in the West 2nd St. historic district.
We rescued her after years of neglect and just look at her now!!

 2nd. Street
This 1906 lovely was one of our biggest restorations.
It was truly a labor of love!
After a full restoration, we got the itch to do another so we
sold this old gal!

This adorable little bungalow was my son's house.
We lived in it for a while we worked on our current house:)
More pics here.
And here.

Dana Point, CA.
We loved this little 1948 cottage by the sea for over 12 years:)
We sold it and are now on a mission to find another!!