Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Project Beautify Trinity.... :)

Oh how I loved this one! From the minute I laid eyes on her,
I knew she was going to be a cutie:)

She started out a 3 bed/2 bath. We made her a
4 bed/3 bath. 

Remember how I said that all the guys were hating the white??
Well they changed their tune.
Uh huh.
Maybe because I couldn't quit singing-
I tooold you soooo, oh I told you so...

I mean seriously though!!
She looks so fresh and happy I can hardly stand it:)

The entire house and all the trim is painted Swiss Coffee.
The front door is Churlish Green by Farrow & Ball.
The front porch and steps are painted with Sherwin Williams
Super Deck paint in Buckthorn.

Let's step inside shall we??

This was the front room and dining room before. The kitchen was
through that doorway on the right.
And see that raised dining area? Well that thing was a beast
 I'm telling you! Like we darn near needed a back hoe to
take it out!!

We opened up the wall to the kitchen and leveled out the dining room floor.
Muuuch bettah!!
The walls in the entire house are painted Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige.
All the trim and ceilings are Swiss Coffee.

Before kitchen-

So you know how I was all excited about all my Schoolhouse Electric
lighting?? Well dummy me didn't order in enough time:( so
when it came down to the day before we were supposed to put the 
house on the market, (and my lights hadn't arrived yet)
the hubby headed down to Lamps Plus and got all new lights.
And he did a fabulous job I must say:)

We're using the Schoolhouse lighting on the (now in demo stage) 
Elizabeth June house, and it's going to be perfect!

The island is Ikea. We stained the top darker and added
ship lap to the back side where the stools are, and painted it 
the same color as the range hood- Accessible Beige.

The hubby made the hood and corbels:)

To the left of the back door was a pantry area, and to the right
behind the wall was a built in banquette.

We opened it up so the kitchen continued to the back door, and the fridge
tucked in where the old pantry was.

How lucky were we that the back door was so cute and just
needed a coat of fresh white paint!

The Master bedroom before.
It was massive! we were able to add a master bath 
and big walk in closet in this space and it still 
ended up a good size!

Presto chango!

I loved that fireplace! She just needed to be squared off and
again-white paint:)

We cut out those panels in the door that made it look
dated and added glass. That door goes out to the back porch:)

The master bath. The vanity is from Wayfair (where the shipping is free- you know
you're singing it!! hahaha!!). We painted the chrome hardware matte black.

And just check out that dreamy shampoo/soap shelf in the shower!
Because every gal has like 795 bottles of what in the world! - right??!!

The downstairs bath before-


The stairs before.

The stairs after.
Well kinda. I promise they're totally finished
and lovingly covered in plastic because I would 
seriously lose my sh*t if they got dirty
before the new owners made this their home!

Up those lovely plastic covered stairs are two bedrooms
and one bath. I LOVE this bedroom because-
it's HUGE and it has a little hidden gem...

 LOOK at that adorable little kiddie space!! It even has tv hook up
in there! There's a chance I dream heavily of eating popcorn
and raisinets snuggled in blankets and pillows and 
watching Cinderella in there.

Why yes I do have the dreams of a 5 year old!
Keeps me young I say:)

We're going to end this house tour with a visit
 to the backyard.
 She just needed some love.

This sweet house is already pending:)
You can view more pics and info here.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Perfect Linens.... :)

While I get asked all the time to do sponsored posts and advertising
and such, I haven't ever wanted to do it. I just like keeping
my blog truthful and talk only about the things I truly love.
I got an email that perked my interest. It was from Michelle at
Perfect Linens. She asked if I would try out her sheets and
then tell my readers about them, because she was sure I was
going to love them.

So I thought about it for about 2 seconds and agreed to give em a try.
I mean come on, I LOVE me some sleep. My mom used
to say my bed was my favorite place ever. And she's right!
I was the girl that dreamed about a Princess and the Pea
bed full of soft mattresses and snugly bedding:)

I ordered the Second Skin sheets in duh! Fern Green:)
They're 100% pure Egyptian cotton, which to me says
....Awesome (said in a high pitched opera voice) !!

After washing them and putting them on slightly damp to smooth
out wrinkles (as per directions) I noticed how long they are!
This makes them perfect for the fold over and show off the
pretty side thing:)

Aint that the truth! 
Sleeping is so important and quite frankly the best thing
ever, so why not make your bed the place you'll never
want to leave, right?! 

I kid you not people- 
My hubby who typically couldn't care less about bedding
actually commented about these sheets the next morning!
He turned to me and said "these sheets! I don't wanna get out of bed!"
That's a two thumbs up:)

I was feeling like my pics were getting kinda boring, so I looked around
the room for the perfect model to show them off...

LB was not pleased at first.
He was like NOOOOO!!!

And then he was like wait...
These sheets.....
Oh mom, I totally get what you're saying!
These sheets are so....


Seriously though! These sheets are hands down my favorite ever.
And I'm totally not even kidding.
I'm going to order me a set for my guest room so all my
visiting peeps can enjoy them too!

So do yourself a big favor and order some!!
Dorie tested and Little Bully approved!!

And hey! Perfect Linens  is offering you all a special discount,
type Tuesdays50 at checkout to get 50 buckaroos off your purchase!

Sweet dreams are made of this.....

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Step it up.... :)

So check out the stairs at our Trinity project.
They were oak and I'm sure back in the
day they were fab:)

With the house looking so bright and
cheery, these stairs were looking...well....
not that.
So we decided to give those 
steps some love:)

I ordered 3 of these runners from Dash & Albert 
and the hubby had the best time in his life 
installing them:)

Like he was singing my praises the entire time.
I'm sure of it. 

His actual words were-
"that was...tedious"

Let me translate that for you-
"I'm never doing this again."

But hey! It's all in the details right??

This adorable house in midtown Ventura will hit the market
this Friday!!
And I'm telling you, somebody is going to LOVE that
staircase and it will all be worth it!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Monday Monday.... :)

So I woke up all refreshed from a great nights sleep.
I got dressed for the day and headed downstairs to 

I stopped just shy of the bottom of the stairs to
snap this pic.
SOMEBODY has a case of the Mondays I thought.
I mean what in the world?

See, we carry Wallace up the stairs every night and down every
morning because
he's fat  of his bad hips so I know this didn't happen during
the night.
He needs Xanax. Or maybe I do.
Keep reading...

After I had my morning coffee, I headed to Ventura to our Trinity project
to check the progress and snap some pics for you guys.

NOBODY likes the white. And by nobody I mean all the guys working
on the house. They've named it Casa de Locos (the Madhouse or Asylum).

I'm totally the Lone white loving Ranger on this one.
It's hard trying to get people to understand what you
see in your head ya know?

oh! and check out this latest problemo...

It was supposed to be herringbone.
It's more like herringbo........
What happened? 
Do we rip it out? Start over? Leave it?
What the...
I don't even know.

What I do know is-
I got in the car and drove the whole way home so upset
and frustrated about this stinkin house.
Sooo dumb I know!
Apparently Wallace wasn't the only one having a case of the Mondays!!