Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The written word... :)

I love love love getting letters and cards in the mail.
It's the greatest thing that sadly not very many people do anymore:(

But my mama... ??
She writes the BESTEST cards and letters and I save them all!!

It's not just her gorgeous handwriting that I love, it's HOW she 
writes. She ends sentences with eh? and no? 
and writes words like-

"I would be glad to give birth to you again..."

"I will pray to the Lord Jesus for you as long as I live..."

"...there are many beautiful memories to bring to mind, and
that tell us that everything is worth our ups and downs."

Well I decided I wanted to pull out some of those letters and 
display them.
I bought this frame from Hobby Lobby and the rest of the stuff I had.
This is literally like a 3rd grader craft.
Kinda matches my math skills!!

Anyway, I stapled some string across the back then spent more
time than necessary cutting little pieces of tape to put on 
these tiny (adorable!) clothes pins:)

And voila! 
Easy as it gets people! I added some pieces of gold tissue paper for funzies:)

I praise my sis in law for teaching my sweet nieces
the art of a thank you!! I keep theirs too:)

Oh! and in my craft hoard I came across this lonely
shadow box. I used some paper that I already had,
and filled it with 2 shells that my hubby found on a
surf trip to Morro Bay:)

Then I looked around this little place for a home for these frames...
and whaddya know?
I found one:)

Rio painted that whale and turtle for me before we moved here,
and that frame with the green card in it came from my sweet 
friend Marni:)

I'm heading to AZ to spend some time with my precious Mama, and say a heartbreaking goodbye
to my sister who's moving to Australia:( :( :(

Look who's begging me to smuggle him in my bag... :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blissfully ordinary.... :)

Isn't that the truth??

I sure wish I had something fabulous to show and tell today
I don't. My life is currently blissfully ordinary
and let me tell you- I love it:)

I still get excited to get into my little old black car and
go to the grocery store.

I think it's hilarious how the guy bagging my groceries puts my
chocolate on top because I SWEAR he knows I'm going to
eat one of them in the car!!!

 You all KNOW I had an internal fight with myself
over these!! I just wanted them in my fridge purely for cute factor!!

I've been drinking my iced water out of this adorable jar I ordered from
That is until I left it at my hair salon in Santa Barbara last week:(
And then my sister informed me of the deathly (I'm kidding) affects of
drinking ice....

So until I can get my cute jar back, I'm drinking room temp (blah) water out
of an ugly purple plastic bottle:(
Boo hoo.

I have to giggle with happiness when I think how my little
family is all here together...
and that it takes all of us to put together a chandelier.
Hee hee hee!!

Look at those views! I can't wait to show you some pics of 
our Ventura project next week!
Countertops go down Wednesday...

My 9 year old little bully still has the worst manners ever.
I just can't break him of his begging!!
Course it doesn't help that I think it's adorable,
I mean look at that focus!!!

We just can't talk about ordinary without
 mentioning the ironing...right??

I'll be honest, I love to iron.
I'm actually ironing my dish towels in this pic.
I know! I know! But they just fold better!!

And has anyone been watching the Flowers in the Attic series
on Lifetime?? I read all those books back in the day.
It's a freakishly weird story that I can't even believe has now sucked me
in to watching all the movies!!

So there ya go. That's what's going on these days in the
blissfully ordinary house of Tuesdays with Dorie:)
And me sooo happy:)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sister sister.... :)

These are my sisters:)
We are the last three in a family of 6 kids.
I'm the oldest of us, then 16 months later came my sister Marlene (on the left)
then almost 2 1/2 years later baby Michele arrived:)

We were called "the girls" by everyone.
My mom dressed us alike and we shared a Hollie Hobbie bedroom most of our

When I told Marlene I wanted to write this post, I told her how I wanted to start it out with 
a quote about sisters. But I just couldn't find a good one!!! 
So she wrote me this-

"we just get each other.  We know what each other is thinking just by a look.  We laugh hysterically at each others jokes!  People mistake us for each other.  We have exactly the same mannerisms.  We are sisters."  

This here is my favorite picture of us of all time.
I don't even remember what was so funny?
But when I look at this pic, I can HEAR us laughing.
Really really LOUD.
When we get together, we have no inside voices.
If you know us...am I right???

When I broke the news that we were moving to California, I think my sisters
at first didn't believe me. I mean, we've lived all our lives within a short drive of each other.
And now I'm about a7 hour drive away:(

 recently Marlene shared some amazing news with us.
Her sweet hubby Bob got a job....
Uh huh. How's THAT for one upping??!!??
I can't even think how long that flight will be....

Soo, she's selling her incredible home that her and her hubby put so much
love into because they thought they'd never move.

The Lord had other plans:)

And by love I mean an ENTIRE remodel.
This was the kitchen before...

Are you kidding me?? LOOK at this kitchen!!!
MANY an amazing meal has been cooked here by Bob.
Consider yourself one of the lucky ones if you've had the privilege to
eat his cooking!!
It's THAT good:)

This is the family room before.
I love that they kept the fireplace original:)

That ceiling....!!!!
And I'll have you know, my sister MADE all the gorgeous curtains in her house!!

Here's the living room before.
It's HUGE!! and has big doors and windows that take in the 
view of the back yard:)

That couch...!!
They don't have a Little Bully that would love to shed and goob all over it:)

This is the Master bedroom. It also has doors to the back yard and covered patio:)
Oh! and behind that door is a gym complete with that cushy floor and mirrors
so you can see your hotness after your daily sweatness:)

The Master bath.
The trough sink...
The makeup vanity....

But my favorite part of this house??
These two:)

They are off on an adventure of a lifetime that is going to cost
 us an arm and a leg to come visit!!
I don't care what it takes though...
I'm comin!!
Prepare my room!!

This stunning home can be yours. It's located in the highly desirable area
of North Central Phoenix.
And my realtor sister Michele is just the person to contact to buy this fab place!
I can't say enough about the quality and beauty in this house!!

More info on Michele's website HERE

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

M.I.A.... :)

I'm here! Alive and well! I skipped last week because, well...
life was just happening:)
I've had guests pretty much the entire month of March.

I had to laugh the other day when I went outside and saw my front
doormat. It really does tell a story:)

The story of love and family.

I'm a lucky lucky girl.
I live in a place that beckons my awesome family to want to come visit.

First visitors were my brother and his girls.
Always -always- always a great time no matter what.

We mesh so well we've actually traveled around Europe with them.
All of us together. 
In a van...
HILARIOUS I tell ya!!

They're always up for fancy dinners at home complete with 
picture worthy drinks....

Or bbq's on the beach with paper plates and solo cups:)

And what's no to love about s'mores cooked over a grill??
The beauty of improvisation:)

And then there's the laughing...
Lots and lots of laughing!!!!

Next up?
My hubby's most favorite sister in the whole wide world:)
These two could have been twins.

I have shared many a crying belly laugh with this woman, and I love her
dearly for accepting me since the day I met her when I was just a silly
girl of 17:)

I love this picture of us with her and her sweet hubby and daughter.
Rain or shine, they want to go to the beach:)

I crack up how everyone says her daughter looks like
she could be mine....ok! I'll take her!!

In my best dreams they would move here, my hubby missed
her 5 minutes after she left:(

 Theeeen came last Monday night and this gorgeous baby
showed up at my door and it was all over:)
I forgot what day it was...
I forgot to blog...
I forgot everything...

I was M.I.A because of her.
And guess what...
Her name is Mia!!!
hahahaha!! Perfect right??!!

If you've been reading this blog for a while, then you know about an
amazing foreign exchange student that we hosted way back in 2001.
I blogged about her here.

Anyway, this sweet girl has become more like our daughter. She's honestly
one of the smartest most driven girls I know and we are
so lucky to call her family:)

Just one more pick of Mia and her adorable little chicklet teeth:)

So there. There's my excuse for not blogging last week.
I was busy lovin' on my family:)

I'm thinking I'm going to order a new doormat like the one above,
because summer's a comin' and I'm pretty sure some of my peeps
are gonna want some beach time.....

And I can't WAIT!!

** source for rug HERE
** source for similar lab mug HERE

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The crying house.... :)

 I'm not exactly sure when my obsession with old, broken down houses began but
I'm thinking it might have been right around the time I saw this movie...

I was little and I stayed up late and watched it with my older sister Kim:)
I remember loving the house.
I mean, look at that lovely bead board in the background!!
And what's not to love about Robert Redford and Natalie Wood????

Well as you know because I've said it like a million times, the hubby and I 
LOVE to drive around and look at houses. No matter where we are.
Usually after dinner or on Sunday afternoons like old people, we go on 
our drives:) 
Well since the day we landed here in Carp, I've been in love
with this house...

We always give names to our favorite houses. Like blue door house, or 
green step house, or gargoyle house, or bait house, and so on.

Well this house is named...
 the crying house:(
Not because I want to cry every single time I see it but because...

It looks like it's crying too!!! :( :( :(
Can you see it? 
The tear stains coming from the windows...
I can't take it.

Call me crazy because I already know I am, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE
this house!! Like I love it in my soul ya know??
I literally drive by this place every chance I get just to whisper 
I love yous out the window at her:)
Because clearly....she hasn't been loved in a long time:(

According to some neighbors passing by, this house has been
sitting abandoned for at least 20 years.


 Where others might see a pile of bricks that belong in the trash,
I see walkways, borders or a fireplace hearth!!

And just have a look at that old rusty headboard!!
If I wasn't completely convinced that a kin to the snake I saw the other
day was in that tall grass, I would have ventured closer and inspected
this pile of rusty treasures!!

Honestly, look at that wall!!!! Can't you just see climbing roses
all over it????

And just have a gander at what only the hubby could see over the fence! 
Short girl problems:(
Is that the coolest concrete sink? And how bout that lil tiny
sink? It says please put me in a powder bath! Am I right??

We're thinking judging by the two meters and the evidence of stairs on
the side of the house, that at some time this house was split into
two houses?

Can you see the original siding under that stucco though????

Here it is again! 

I love this house so much and have not been able to quit
thinking about it since I first laid eyes on it in August.
While I would LOVE the Lord to bless me with this place,
I reeeeally just want to wipe her tears and make her
all better, even for someone else!!!


I know right?? So if anyone out there has that kind of
green just laying around and wants to join forces with me
in rescuing this lady....
then give me a jingle!!! 

I'm totally not even kidding. 

I'm going to go all
Sherlock Holmes this week and find out who owns
this sweet house and beg them to sell it to me.

I made my hubby take a selfie in front of "my" house:)
All before we got back into the truck and drove away
and I choked back tears:(

I don't know why this house has such a grip on my heart????
Sing it with me now-

I was alright for awhile
I could smile for awhile
But I saw you last night
You held my hand so tight
As you stopped to say "hello"

Oh you wished me well
You couldn't tell
That I'd been crying.....over you