Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Just do it.... :)

So if you know me, you know I hate to exercise.
Like hate it.
HATE it!!
But I'll tell you what, the weather here in Carp is nothing short
of perfect:)
So I put on my sneakers and headed out.

You see, a short walk on a certain beautiful trail will lead you here- 
the Carpinteria Seal Rookery.
I've been wanting to go have a looky since December, when
they close the beach and the seals start having their pups:)
So today? I said Dorie-

photo cred

I started my walk here. I mean come on!
Is that just breathtaking or what??

While on my walk with me myself and I, 
I did some thinking...
Like why? why? why? didn't I move here sooner??
Like yeeears ago???

On the trail I came upon these adorable ladies
 who were painting the beautiful scene in front of them.
Oh man I wish I could paint....

 Then I got to the Rookery.
I know those look like rocks to you, but trust me
they're harbor seals. And they are adorable!

 I sent this selfie to the hubby to prove that I went, and more
importantly to make him super jealous:)
As of Monday when I went, the pup count was up to 18 I think.
There's a chance I stayed there longer than most, because I was
asked if I wanted to be a volunteer seal watcher.
They are kinda like the police of the place. They keep watch for new pups
and most importantly, make sure that NO ONE or NOTHING 
disturbs the seals. 
Like seriously, they will cut a b**ch if you dare go near them!!

 On my way back I came upon this adorableness...
I'm not sure if the owner was joking but he said I could have it for 20 bucks.
I almost took him up on it...

but politely declined because... well..
I got my own adorableness:)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Basura to treasure.... :)

So on Sunday when I was taking out the trash,
I came upon this ...

I love how people put things they don't want anymore
"next" to the trash so someone like me can
come along and do that- tilt your head to the side thing
and say quietly to yourself "why is this in the trash?"
...then look both ways and haul it home!

I think at one time this seƱorita hung in a Mexican restaurant
or something, because I could faintly see the words burrito and 
salsa and an outline of a chili drawn in chalk pen.
Pobrecita:( she was dirty, scratched and in desperate need
of a makeover:)

So I gave her a good scrubbing and then started that makeover
with a fresh layer of
chalkboard paint.

After that dried, I tackled the frame. At first 
I painted it white and....
HATED it!! It was too stark:(
So Rio told me I needed to paint it gold.
After it all dried, I was looking at it and I thought it just
 needed a little something more...

So I drove the 3 minutes to Rio's house and used her Silhouette

Just kidding!
RIO used the machine. I sat on her couch (wearing a ridiculous ensemble
because I was freezing) and played games on my phone while
she went to work printing me some letters. 

Then because Rio is a control freako like her mama,
she came over and put the letters on,
because "you won't do it right mom".
I love her:)

And here she is all bright and shiny!

She sits at the top of the landing on the second floor,
near the guest room:)

From basura to treasure!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day.... :)

The day o' love is just around the corner, so
let's talk love...

true love.
Yeah you know, the kind of love that you'd find on a certain tv
show that has now become my favorite guilty pleasure.

You guessed it!!
The bachelor.
I've never been so obsessed with this dumb show!
It's my favorite waste of an hour of my life that I will
never get back.
I don't know if it's because he's a farmer or what,
but I'm literally glued to the monster (as my mom so affectionately
calls the tv) on Monday nights just loving every minute
of it!!

I mean honestly? I was kinda sad to see this nut job leave!

My current favorite is Becca:)
there's something kind of sweet,
and dare I say real? about her.

Speaking of real...
I'm so hoping my hubby puts something like this in a
box for me for Valentine's Day!!

Thank goodness he knows
I'd much rather have THIS in a box!!
I mean, right????!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!
I hope your day is full of love...
true love!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Project Beautify Arbor.... :)

 Just thought I'd give you all a look at our latest 
completed Project Beautify property.

This little adorableness is nestled in the midtown area of
Ventura, CA. She was built in 1955, is 1204 sq. ft and 
was a 3 bedroom 1 bath before we got a hold of her:)

The outside got some fresh paint, landscape, shutters and our signature 
window box to cute her up:)

Then we went inside...
So here's the original floor plan. After walking the house,
we noticed that the Master bedroom was so much bigger than the kitchen,
and had this huge beautiful window that looked into the backyard.
It also weirdly had a door going into the laundry room.

So we decided to do a little flip flopping.
We moved the kitchen to the master bedroom and opened up walls
to make a great room.
The red walls are the ones that were removed.
The green wall were the ones that were put in.

 End result being this.
Better use of space and we added a master bathroom!

This was the before front room with the doorway to the bedrooms.

The after:)

Trim trim trim and a fab barn door! And let's just have a moment
over those original hardwood floors!!!

The kitchen before in what is now the master bedroom.

The cabinets were only a few years old so we used them!
My son Ryne who can rock a finish like no other,
painted them.

We then filled in with custom cabinets where needed,
like the peninsula:)

The hubby made those x doors, because his crazy wife
just had to have a farm sink. Meaning, he had to cut the existing cabinet down
to accommodate the sink and the doors below ended up too tall:(
Soo he made those, and I LOVE them!!!

This is the before hall bath.

And now the after:)

Yes of course there are beautiful hardwood floors under that carpet!

This is just the cutest bedroom ever!
I LOVE that ceiling!!

And here's the master bath. Cute eh?
I ordered that vanity and when I opened it up, the "marble" countertop 
was this hideous pinkish color.  I stood there staring at it
 trying to convince myself that it could work.
 It wouldn't. No way:(

So after I cried a bucket of tears,
I went down to Ventura Stone and picked out
of their bone pile and found this beauty!

The master closet is behind that door:)

That sweet house on Arbor street hit the MLS on Friday and
was sold on....Friday!!

Now we're off to the next one!!

The Addison house in Ventura, California.
Built in 1958, featured in Architectural Digest in 1961!
It had never been for sale until now.
And we get to love on it.
How cool is that??!!