Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mea Culpa.. :(

Yeah, I KNOW !!!! It's now Wednesday, and I've done the unthinkable... I forgot to post :( I wish I had a really cool excuse, like I've been busy campaigning for world peace , or helping out in Haiti, or saving dolphins. But no. Just completely forgot. I blame the spring blossoms for clogging my senses. I'll be back next week peeps! For all 4 of you who actually read this :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh hello kettle, my names pot...

This is my street, and where I start out my walk every morning.
Our historic district is filled with bungalows and tudors and the occasional ranch style home. This cutie is right across the street and it's what I get to look at every time I'm on my front porch :)
This tudor is sooo cool. Wish someone who loves old houses and wants the coolest neighbors ever would buy it ;)

And check out this little dollhouse :)

This is my neighbor Jeory's (rhymes with Dorie) house. It's a beaut :) And I must mention that on my side of the street there is a Dorie, Tory, Lorie and Jeory!!

Theeeeeen, at the end of my street sits this:
The Women's Club of Mesa. WHAT???? There is nothing "woman" about it!!

Oh yes, please check out that HIDEOUS metal screen door!!!

Oh how I wish Margaret Wheeler Ross could see it now :( :( It truly breaks my heart. It's clearly BEGGING for someone or some "club" to love it.
This is the back of the club. Those door are I'm sure original, and soooo in need of a paint job!
I picture it looking a little more like this:
And this:
But what am I talking about? My house is clearly the "ugly" on the street :(

But not for long! Framers start tomorrow :) and after this project? I'm going to tackle that Women's Club!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reunited and it feels so good...!!

I bought these chairs about 15 years ago at a garage sale for I'm thinking around $15 each, cause I remember at the time thinking that was a FORTUNE for me!! I used them for a bit then gave them to my sister who has had them for the past about 10 years? Well, my sis decided to move to Phoenix and no longer wanted them, sooo I brought them back home :) and when I took a second look at them, I reeeeally loved them again!! They just needed a new outfit :)
So I began by tearing off the trim and carefully removing the fabric.

I used the old fabric for my template which made it sooo easy to cut the new fabric to size.

Then I stapled on the new fabric and trimmed the excess off.

Next I used my trusty glue gun and glued on the trim (please ignore the gross glue gun and my severely dry hands!! Eww!!) .

And here they are! Sooo cute right??

Welcome back home my little darlings! :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some girls want diamonds and jewels galore...

I'd rather the Architectural Salvage store!! For our 23rd anniversary, Rog and I decided to spend the weekend at our little cottage in Dana Point and make a venture here- The Architectural Salvage of San Diego. I couldn't WAIT to get in there and do some digging :)

What a cool place. They carry doors, windows, sinks, hardware and all the what nots a restoration nut like myself would be looking for.

I mean seriously? Who wouldn't be looking for their very own St. Bonaventure to grace their back yard? And yes, I was honestly contemplating him. He's just so adorable doncha think?

And this awesome door header? The goose or duck or whatever is kinda cool.

And back plates ( or whatever they're called) by the zillions!

I really just wanted the green box these handles were sitting in...

And there he is... my prince charming, loading up the loot. Ah yes, came home with 3 five panel doors for the inside of the house.

And this beaut for my laundry room. The pic doesn't show the awesomeness of the perfect green chippy really loves :)

But the big prize???? These 2 mantels. PERF for my living room and master bedroom!!! Can't wait to sit by them on the 4 nights that it's actually cold enough in AZ. for a real fire... :) but who cares right??? Their Gorg!!! (that's short for gorgeous:)

Oh yeah, and the children I left behind :( that's what I call the things that you don't get and your heart tugs at you the whole way home :( no worries, if these babies are there when I return in the next couple of months - their MINE!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My favorite house I could never live in... :(

Cause I'd have to be 2 inches tall!! I've always loved dollhouses since I was a little girl. I dreamed of one day being able to create what I always envisioned as the perfect little world. That one day came about 3 years ago. I walked into my favorite dollhouse store, and weeks later brought my little dreamy home, home :) She's complete with walnut floors, Shumacher wallpaper (yes, they make it for dollhouses!) electrified chandeliers, Bespaq furniture, and Reutter porcelain bathrooms! Enjoy the tour... :)

Most of the food in the dollhouse was created by my neice Shea, so talented! And she's 13 !!

Oh yeah, and Shea made the bedding and rugs for me too!!

And this little sweetie? She's the dollhouse keeper. She lovingly and tenderly is keeping watch of my treasure in her bedroom until my house is complete and I can bring it home. Thanks Miss :)