Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The winner takes it all.... :)

The winner of the fab Anthro lapkin score is......
suddenly sahm!! 
She scored 165 piece set of dishes in the basement of Ross! The part that got me was the BASEMENT?? She aparently knows the secret handshake:)
 Email me and let me know where to send your loot!!

And I know you all have been dying to know what became of my yellowed linen curtains!! Well the winner there was.......
Yes!! I heart you White Brite. All the live long day:)
The hideous (except for that gorgeous Little Bully) before- ewww!

And aaaahhhh!!! Me sooo very happy!!

Thank you to everyone for all your helpful hints on this one! Gotta go, yep I'm now White Britening everything I can get my hands on....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lap it up..... :)

Juuust take a gander at these lovelies:) I scored them at...yep, you guessed it! A freaking garage sale this last Saturday!

How adorable are they? This lady had a whole box of linens and things that she was practically giving away. I die:)  

I thought, (and so did she) that there were only 11. She sold them to me for.........5 bucks!! When I got home and started to take the stack apart, there were 12!!!! 12 lovely Belgian linens from Anthro.
S-C-O-R-E !!

These beauts are a whopping 26" square:) I believe my friend Martha Stewart calls them "lapkins". And I LOVE them:) 

But love isn't love till you.....

Yes, these lovelies can be yours:)

Tell me the best thing you've scored for under $5. That's it!!
I'll announce the winner next Tuesday:)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The early bird..... :)

I love to sleep. Like LOVE to sleep. And I happened to be married to a guy who needs like NO sleep. He's up with the sun and ready to go! Always. He even tries to coerce me awake with the smell of a 4 raw sugar latte on my nightstand:) God bless him:) He soon realized(he's a quick learner that one!) the way to get me out of bed early on a Saturday, is to whisper these 2 little words in my ear...

Garage sale. Uh huh. THAT'S what will get this girl up faster than anything:) Especially here in Dana Point. For some reason I've had the best of luck here:)

Just take a gander at the latest goodies I've found! This
$2 frame. I'm thinkin it used to have a pic of some sort in it, but I'm going to turn it into a cork board:)

This $1 perfectly chippy, old, faded picture:)

Me loves:)

But this last weekend?? I happened upon the Mother lode of all garage sales. Although I didn't end up with all the goodies at this particular one, I DID end up with... 2 All-Clad pans for......$5!!!!

I know what you're thinking- WHO sells their All-Clad at a garage sale?? I'll tell you who- the same crazy lady that sells her white KitchenAde mixer at a garage sale! Yep, I just missed out on it. Some granny with a cane was all over it:( My hubby did that "see, I told you you needed to get up earlier" thing. UGH! I hate when he's right:(

Sad, worn pans- let me introduce you to my friend- Bar keepers friend:) Yeah, the pic is all sideways but the Bachelorette is coming on and I gots to get this stinkin post done! Soooo I ain't fixin it:)

Ta da!!

Seriously? How amazing do they look!

The moral to this story? Yes, I got me some All-Clad. But apparently...
The early bird..... gets the KitchenAid !!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekend roundup...:)

Whilst enjoying the amazing weather that Dana Point California has to offer, I thought I'd show you  what a little bit of cooler weather does for this gal:)
I redo shelves-


I make pizza for lunch:)

And cookies for dessert:)

I pick hydrangeas from my back yard:)

I hit the flea market:)

What I didn't get done??? Cleaning these stinkin curtains!! These are my white linen curtains that hang in my bedroom. You can see (if you can take your eyes off that handsome bully) that they have yellowed in some places:(

So I thought maybe a good soak in oxy clean would do it! Well 3 hours later....nothin:( then I threw them in the washer with hot water, soap and bleach.....nothin.

Then I thought hey! Maybe 3 days (yes I said 3 days!) in the sun would surely do the trick!! Never mind that LB thought it was an absolutely wonderful place to bathe in the sun himself.......

Nothin!!! Does ANYONE know the magic trick to whitening linen curtains? My frustration level is in the red zone:(