Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thank you.... :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I mean the sincerest of thank yous from
the bottom of my clutter free heart:)
Saturday was a huge success:) We opened at 7am, and by 8:30, I think most everything was gone!!
My heart is full, my yard and garage...empty!!
When the hubby and I made our budget for this upcoming renovation, this awesomeness you see
below was NOT anywhere in said budget:(
But after Saturday?
Say hello to my dream come true:)
My knight in shining armor. On a white horse.
Lovely right???
Viking. Cotton White. And it's gonna be mine:)
I can't thank you enough for showing up early Saturday morning,
keeping your thoughts that I'm a hoarder to yourself,
and  helping me realize my dream:)
xoxo, D :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Green Arrows.... :)

Well here ya go. I used my fab paint skills and drew arrows to just some of the things
that will be up for grabs on Saturday:)
Lamps, chairs and bench....
This table:( one of my faves....
Couch and desk....
Wardrobe cabinet, white chair, lamps and bedding...oh, and that round end table!
Desk, chair, more lamps...more tables (geeesh I DO have a problem!)
Bookcase, and YES! another table...
Hutch and pretty much everything that's on it...
And how bout this apartment size fully restored O'Keefe & Merritt stove!! It can be yours!!
Aaaaand then there's all of the littles. Yep, still gots to unload these boxes...
Aaaaand then I have to unload the guest house.....
I'm gonna tear into this box before long!!
Hope to see all your sweet faces early Saturday morn!!
Pleeease. If you love me, come get this stuff outta my life!!
Oh, and Rio set me up with the fancy dancy square pay thingy on my phone,
so you can use your plastic!!
This Saturday 7am:)
email me for directions:)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Souvenir.... :)

Ok, so remember when I told you that the fab Heather Bullard paid me a little visit a while back?
Weeell, she came to take pics of the little tiny for the Spring issue of her magazine Souvenir:)
It came out yesterday:) and it's pure eye candy. Her photog skills are amazing, and I'm so honored she featured my humble little place!
Her pics of my house made me want to live there! Wait.... I did! :)
So go! Buy a copy! You won't be sorry! She also featured my friends and fam over at
ReStyle Source:) and the sweet gang from Sweet Salvage:)

In other spring news....I got a pedi today:)
I know! I know! The color's a total shocker:)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All aboard!!!......:)

Let's just all take a gander at where I do my laundry sorting shall we??
Yep. Right there in the hallway.
Oh honey? Are you looking for your tools? They're right here! on our dining room table.
I'm feeling out of sorts.
 Usually by this time, I'm completely settled. Furniture in, beds made and pictures hung.
I'll tell ya, this living in a reno has got to be the biggest test of patience for me EVER!!
I thought I had a handle on it....until I was startled awake the other morning by the sound of beeping. You know, that sound of a big truck in reverse?
I looked out the window to see this....Noooooo!!! The entire contents of our sweet cottage in Dana Point. Yeah we sold it. I know, I know. I totally didn't let you in on that one! We just decided to move on from that place and start memories in another. Maybe a place to cool off closer to home?
Anyway.....this little delivery nearly sent me into a tailspin.
More boxes!! More furniture that I don't need!! More CRAP!! UGH!!!!!
Overwhelmed cannot even describe how I felt.
So I did what any gal with too much on her plate would do...
Go get a massage!!
I grabbed my purse and walked right past the crime scene in my back yard and got in my son's car.
Why his car you ask??
Because my car is in the shop. The hubby got rear ended on the freeway last week whilst driving
my car.
Uh huh. Seriously. What. In. The. World!!
He was fine. My car, not so much:(
As I pulled out of my drive, I hear my theme song on the radio....
All aboard!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!!
Ay, ay, ay, ay,
I'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train!!
 Ozzie. It made me laugh. It was so perfect.
And you know what else was perfect?
My massage therapist.
Uh huh. He looked exactly like Ty Diggs. For reals.
Yeeeeah, I think I'll go back to my gal with the man hands.
I just couldn't relax with Mr. Perfect touching my fat!
Wish I knew the fine art of relaxing that Little Bully has mastered.
If only you could hear his beautiful snoring... Oh! you want to hear it?? I thought so:)
I think I'll relax after I unload and get rid of all the extra crap I've accumulated.
Yep, I'm a gonna have me a yard sale. Oh, I mean a tag sale. I'm thinking I'm going to get rid of most of my stuff. You know, so I can start over!! And buy more crap!!

Saturday March 23rd.
7:00 am
I'll post some pics next week of some stuff that will be up for grabs!!