Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Right now I am.....:)

I've seen this going around blogland:) And being that my ideas for blogging are at an all time low- here ya go!

Right now I am...

Watching: Modern Family. The hubby and I are addicted to this show. Particularly Cameron Tucker. You're seriously missing out if you don't watch it!

Eating: Just put this fabulous roast in the oven:) It's Pioneer Woman's recipe. And it's a winner:)

Drinking: Water. Lot's of water:( Other than my one cup o joe in the morning, this is pretty much it. I feel like it helps out with my dry skin? And since the hubby has decided to get all healthy on me, wine is sadly more occasional than I'd like:( Down with fitness! It's silly!!! And boring!!!! 

Wearing: A crocheted headband. Perfect for a gal who is so often hair lazy. And it conveniently covers my roots. Yep. Grey ones. Ewwww!!! I swear I have more than my 75 year old mama!

Avoiding: Wrapping presents for some reason. I love to wrap. What the?

Feeling:  Content:) I'm in a happy place. Spent Saturday with my BF making tamales, house is clean, dinner in the oven, listening to the sound of a snoring bully, hubby coming home soon and kids joining us for dinner. That's my kind of happy:) 

Missing: My fav black leather jacket. Seriously. It's MIA. It was the best plain black jacket. For the first time in my life I was wishing Rio had borrowed something of mine and not returned it. I've looked EVERYWHERE for it. And if you know me, you know what an organized freak I am so it's not like I'm going to find it in a closet or in a box somewhere:( Waaaaaaa!!! 

Thankful: For so many things! Like mascara and salt to name a few. For awesome neighbors who come over when you start a fire and didn't check to see if the flue is open and your smoke detector goes off:) makes up for the crappy neighbors who didn't give a hoot when your last house really did catch on fire! True story:(  

Weather:  Raining as I type! Makes me the happiest. I really think I was meant to live in Oregon or Washington. I LOVE dark, gloomy, cold, rainy days. Weird I know.

Praying:  For hearts to soften. For suffering to end. For conflicts to resolve. And for peace... always.  

Needing:  I really don't need anything.  But if I must... Holy sweet UGGS:)

Thinking:   About how I have a severe case of the Savior Syndrome when it comes to old beauties like this one:( If I had the money, I'd save each and every one:)

Loving:  Grande 4 raw sugar lattes, uggs, my kitchen, my cozy bed, bumble and bumble mending shampoo, soft scarves, the fact that Lidija's coming for Christmas! yay! boot socks, heated seats AND a heated steering wheel!, Christmas scented candles, foot rubs from my hubby, mindless TV like Storage Wars, people who actually take the time to read my silly little blog, aaaaand last but not least...the fact that EVERY day is take your dog to work day:)

and you? what are you up to?


  1. My skin is so dry right now even with all the wrinkle cream I'm using! Want some boots now, well, not now cause the rain would ruin them. Need a new black leather coat and the perfect one is alluding me. Love the rain in doses, but in Portland it is around all day most days. It is hard to look "cute" in the rain! Have a great day.

  2. loved the blog!! Oh my i can relate to much of your ole blog! I have super mcduper dry skin.. My Ralph L black windbreaker is MIA!@!@@@@ so super bummed. I got it on super markdown at Macy's in Chicago last winter. Big wah :-( only wore it a few times. The rain is so delightful...and yes, the Pacific NW is where it's at sister ... I LOVE the black boots and I really want to say I NEED them, even thought i don't haha... That old house is magnificient! AND I love the pic of Wallace he is sittin' like a person. Thanks thanks thanks for this blog post :-)) it gave me a big grin and nice cozy feelin'...

  3. I love it. That picture of you is beautiful. You are beautiful. Looks like you are leading a happy life. Have a happy holiday season. Hugs, Julie...
    Tuomisto-Bell : )

  4. Sorry Ma', I did not take your black coat........ although I dooooo LOVE you moments of weakness, like when you move and get so overwhelemed with all your boxes of clothes and you decide to throw them all away because its too much ruuckus.... bwhahahahahah!!!! Then I wear all your things to work and you say, "Where did you get that, I did not give that to you", hahaha, anyways.... Love you, but did not take you jacket!!!

  5. i love this... and isn't the weather amazing?! it's making me so happy, i wish it would never stop raining.

  6. Ditto to almost everything :) Happy day.

  7. i love rain also and those boots are to die for!