Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend roundup... :)

I thought I'd share some highlights from this past week. For starters...
Heather Bullard was in the house. MY house!! Wha what?? I know!! When she called and asked if she could shoot my house, I returned her call and said umm, errr, you are aware that this house is TINY right???
She came and worked her magic. Oh my that gals got some mad skills I tell ya!
Her photography is uhmazing.
And she is too. Just as sweet and beautiful as you'd imagine her to be:)
Saturday was Sweet day:) and by sweet I mean Sweet Salvage:)
I picked up some real treasures (never mind the master photo bomber)!!
I got this sweet ole pitcher, some old melon ballers, a cool green frog with some cute cards,
and some wood thingies that I'm thinking are old pestles? And check out that amazing picture!!
Perfect addition to my ever growing collection of landscape pics:)
Aaand I picked up some of my sis in law's raw honey and fab blackberry raspberry chambord jam:)

 Then all that treat finding got me all hungray!!
I made this Chicken with Wild Mushrooms from Miss Barefoot.
It was soooo delish:) and easy!!
I highly recommend this dinner for all you peeps who are still feeling some chilly weather.
 It's that perfect warm your belly comfort food:)
 I had to scoot my chair back and show you the gremlin under the table.
He's such a beggar!!
The weather here has been absolutely beautiful. Perfect for taking bike rides.... 
To the new..........
I'm sooo going to spill the beans soon I promise!! Just waiting till it's a done deal:)


  1. Those are potato-mashers, I believe. I have one from my grandma, and that's what she called it & used it for. It certainly COULD be used as a pestle though! Great finds!

  2. That's my kinda bike. I love it. :)

  3. How exciting to have Heather come to your house for a photo shoot!!!!! You found some wonderful goodies....I LOVE that oil painting!!! Can't wait to hear all about the new place so hurry up and spill the beans already!!! LOL
    Love your cute little pooch under the table too!

  4. Just love your cottage. Will you be in a magazine? Your little home definitely should be...and the bully too.

  5. Loving the weather now....your doggie is waiting....and my Bentley does the same thing. I am always amazed how long they can sit waiting!

  6. Sally is right-those are potato mashers. My Grandma had one, too, and they made the best mashed potatoes!

  7. Where are the pictures going to be featured?? And what is Wallace's food a water dish behind Heather? Looks interesting!

  8. I LOVE Heather Bullard she is so amazingly talented!! What a lucky lady you were to have her in your home. Looks like you had a great weekend with all those finds and yummy dinner!

  9. Yup...potato mashers. Heather Bullard.... woot!!

    Still not spilling your secret. =( Do we have to wait until next Tuesday?

  10. How awesome to have Heather shoot your house. Country Living?? Can't wait to see.

  11. Hi Dorie
    What a great week and Bully better so that's good.
    Here in Aus the weather is perfect though some of the country experiencing very hot weather and bush fires leaving a lot of people homeless. I'm greatful for what I've GOT.
    Looking forward to the news of the new.
    Kind Regards

  12. I'm still laughing at how Wallace sits on his bum with legs to the side....oh and can't wait to see pics and find out what the beans will tell us when they are spilled!

  13. Pics for a magazine? I hope! Love the "tiny"...and still more news? The chicken looks delicious! Gotta try it!Love that green chair! My grandma used that wooden pestle when she pushed cooked apples through the sieve to make applesauce.

  14. Love the 'photo bomber' he's such a cutie!

  15. Such a great post!! Your bike is amazing.

  16. Hi! I just found your blog thanks to Stacey over at Poofing the Pillows. She said you were delightful (I just might be paraphrasing there) and you ARE! I love your style. I've spent far too long tonight enjoying your new teeny home and seeing pics of your old gorgeous home. I have to tell you, I'm a fellow greenie! Yep, that's a term I just decided to use right now for all of us that love the color green. Well, I really should go to bed (I do have to work tomorrow) but I couldn't resist letting you know how much I enjoyed my time on your blog. :)

  17. Your home is sooo due for it's close up, congrats! I really love that you are breathing new life into another historic home, preserving and improving your neighborhood as you go. I recognize those old steps and barred porch can't wait to see you work your magic. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Hi Dorie...
    Another blogger had stopped by my blog to make comment on one of my posts with a green and white theme...new bedding actually. She suggested since I am a green lover that I may enjoy looking at your blog for some inspiration. So I hopped on over and started reading back through your posts, really enjoying myself. Then I got to your post that Heather Bullard was in your house! OMGosh I am a huge fan of her work! Wow how did that ever come to happen? Have you seen the photos she took? She is an amazingly talented gal. So not only did I find another blooger who I really enjoy but someone who is a Heather fan too.
    Wishing you a fabu weekend Dorie!
    XO Barbara
    PS...am totally going to try your chicken and mushroom dish...it looks wonderful!