Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oh hello... !!! :)

Ok, I know you all thought I fell into the big hole in my kitchen and was lost forever.
And honestly over the last few weeks there were times I thought that sounded-
But alas- that big hole was covered up, and here I am back to bloggin!!
Cabinets are here:)
From the best Cabinet Company in all the land if you ask me!!
Hear that horn? That's me, and I'm tootin it.
Denovo Fine Cabinetry is our family biz where we
design, manufacture and install the bestest in custom cabinetry.
Need some? Give 'em a call:)
Aaaanyway, cabinet delivery day is always the day when I get the happiest:)
(insert girly giggle and jazz hands here)
It's when you can finally see some real progress:)
Here's a pic of the new little tiny guest room that is where the old kitchen used to be.
Sooo very sad- the original floors in this house were not able to be salvaged:(
Trust me, this decision was heart wrenching:(
Underneath a layer of cheap oak that was laid in the 80's (I'm assuming),
we discovered a whole lot of patches and areas that were just beyond repair due to several "remodels"
in the past. So we had no choice but to lay all new hardwood flooring.

Just take a look at what that amazing talent of a hubby made out of the
old flooring!! The kitchen hood !!
 I know right?? He's just a little bit crafty. Just a little bit:)
Me so happy:)

So that's all I gots for now. More pics next week:)
A huge thank you to my amazing neighbors.
You know, like J.D. who text me that she was heading outta town
and left me a key so I could hang out in her awesome AC when the
temps in my house were upwards of a not so awesome 84 degrees:(
And God bless L.O. who brought me a beautiful bundle of happiness when
she knew I needed something pretty to look at!!

Life just wouldn't be fair if I didn't include a pic of Little Bully:)
Look at that face. His begging eyes went between me and that sweet potato like
he was watching a tennis match. It was hilarious:)
You see, sweet potatoes are the love of LB's life.
The hubby plucked a fresh one from the garden and decided to put it
there on the table to taunt him.....I couldn't take it.
YESSSS!! Of course I gave it to him:)


  1. Hi Dorie
    I'm so excited your back. Yes those cabinets are going to be beautiful.
    Little Bully is so CUTE.
    Kind Regards

  2. Oh I'm swooning over that gorgeous kitchen hood! Can't wait to see the completed kitchen! It will be stunning like everything else you do!

  3. Hi Dorie! So glad you're back and happy! That range hood is beautiful. Your husband is so talented. I love watching the magic unfold in your homes.

  4. Welcome back!! Your range hood is soooooo AMAZING!!! I can't wait to see your new kitchen! Your little pooch is such a cutie pie too :o)

  5. I've missed you!!! I love your range hood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish my hubby was handy. But he's other good things, so... ;)

  6. I love the new stove hood your husband built! I can tell that your kitchen is going to look so good when it's finished. Looks like you're making some good progress around there. Loved the pic of Little Bully peeking over the back of the chair. Precious!

  7. The range hood is AMAZING! Wonderful to have such a talented husband. Looking forward to seeing more.

  8. Woot ~ Woot!!! You're baaaack!!! :)

    OMG the hood is beautiful. Yes, he is very talented.

    Love the pink flamingo ~ and the pic of Bully.... oh so cute!


  9. So glad you're back! Tuesday's have been designated as my blog reading days for the past year and haven't been complete w/o you. Love the range hood! so clever. I'd of given that adorable Bully whatever he wanted too.

  10. Welcome back! We've landed safely in Colorado, and now I'm waiting for the movers...8 days and counting. I Luuuurrrve your range hood! What a sweet and talented hubby you have! And that chippy green step stool, OMG! I thought the old kitchen was becoming the laundry room? Change of plans?

  11. Missed you on Tuesdays!! What great progress on the remodel...that range hood is a one-of-a-kind beauty! Hoping the rest goes smoothly. Excited to see the finished project!

  12. So very excited you are back! I so look forward to Tuesdays!

  13. Oh mercy, that hood is the best!! Love the corbels too. Can't wait to see more.

  14. What a great day! My baby girl turned 20 today and your blog is back up and running! I love your decorating choices and look forward to next week! So glad to have you back!!!

  15. So good to see you back and blogging. I missed you on Tuesdays. Love what has happened while you were taking a break. Thanks for sharing.

  16. oh my goodness...I can't take it anymore...I can't wait another day to find out how this kitchen turns out!!!! The pictures look great!!!! Hurry! I need to see more!

  17. Mr. B. Dawg, you melt my heart!!!!! What a good boy you are to be hanging out so peacefully while your house is being lovingly decorated. Be sure to tell your maw and paw that I LOVE the new hood and cannot wait to see the end results. I sure wish I knew of your company when I was remodeling my kitchen.


  18. So glad you didn't fall into that hole, but I was beginning to wonder!! Love the range hood, your kitchen is going to be amazing!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that little bully!! He is so handsome, and I think he knows how to use those sad eyes!!


  19. Your Back! Your Really Back! Just made my Saturday after a rough week.

  20. That hood is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously! Where did you get the brackets?

    Love it!

    Happy day!

  21. Dorie, my husband and I are building our dream farmhouse for our family! I LOOOVE your kitchen hood and would LOOOOVE for my husband to try and create one from some barn wood we have around here. My question (okay, his question) how is the hood vented? Through the attic? My hubs is building our house himself and needs to know! ;) Thanks Dorie! Love your blog!

  22. Lové that hood cover.
    I have been wanting to do something along this line, but you here inspire the best.

    So happy I stumbled across you. Will see you soon


  23. M'y name is Dore...sounds like yours Dorie but spelt with an long E


  24. I love your hood. What is it made out of?

  25. Just reading through your old posts! Who did you get to do your flooring? I am a local girl here in Mesa and would love a recommendation!