Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Settling.... :)

So I'm starting to feel settled.
All boxes are unloaded and gone, and I'm officially
moved in.
And I LOVE this little place.
Like so so much.
As with every move, I decluttered and got rid of excess crap.
Maybe a little too much? hahaha!!
This house is probably the simplest I've ever lived in...
but I'm totally diggin' it!!

Check out that gorgeous arrangement there.
Rio and Chase had a dinner party the other night
and invited our next door neighbor who just happens
to have been a florist back in the day, and that was their hostess gift.
I'm totally inviting him and his sweet wife to dinner
like once a week for the rest of my life.

It's times like these when I love that Rio is highly allergic
to flowers.

I couldn't pass up this shell planter at Albertsons
the other day. I went in for something like 
toilet paper and somehow this thing made
it's way to my side table.
It happens.

You guys....
LOOK at this adorable built in.
There's a chance this sealed the deal for me.
I LOVE me some original built ins.

And you know how I said that I decluttered maybe a little
too much? Well you're looking at pretty much 
all the goodies that I have to my name.
And I like that way:)
This house is just shy of 1300 sq. ft. so 
I can't hoard like I used to!

 Here's a peek into the guest room.
I love all the natural light in this room!
Actually the entire house is like this.
I think the crisp white walls help. The landlord told me
the walls and trim are all Swiss Coffee.
...another deal sealer:)

 I have to tell you all about the sand currently sitting
on my coffee table.
It's called Kinetic Sand and I found it at Michaels.
My sis in law had some at her house when I was
there in AZ last week, and I couldn't stop
playing with it!!

It's seriously the coolest thing ever.
It's $14.99 a box, and I used one for my tray.
It's the best thing to play with while watching
Bachelor in Paradise.
Yes I watch that show.
Judge not.

It's kind of like that sand that you rake for relaxation only
100 times better.
Why you say?
Read the description below-

It’s more fun when it’s wacky! Feel the difference with Kinetic Sand! Pack it, pull it, shape it and love it, Kinetic Sand is so incredible you can’t put it down. It’s kinetic—meaning it sticks to itself and not to you—so it oozes, moves and melts right before your eyes. It flows through your fingers like a slow-moving liquid, but leaves your hands completely dry. Shape anything you want and use it over and over again. Kinetic Sand never dries out and is gluten free. This soft and stretchy sand cleans up easily while delivering non-stop fun!

Did you catch that second to last sentence??
What in the world?? hahahaha!!!


  1. I love your new place! I like simple and neutral too so your home speaks to me! I only wish I was close to the beach (like you are). I've never heard of kinetic sand before. I must say it's perfect for your coffee table like that. Really interesting. And I also have been known to watch that show myself. It's kind of hard to walk away from once you get into it. I'm old enough to be some of those peoples moms too! Kind of embarrassing.

  2. I love the new place!!! My home is about that size and I love it!! You have it looking so nice. marsha@tubbslanefarm.com

  3. You new home is so lovely...it just makes me want to settle in with a cup of coffee and watch Bachelor In Paradise (it IS sort of like watching a train wreck),

  4. How do you always manage to move right in and have it all look so gorgeous?! Your decorating is just perfection and the place looks so adorable! More pics please!! My son loves that sand, too…it's so fun!

  5. Looks like you've been there forever! Really darling. We have the kinetic sand and my grandchildren love it. It's one of their favorite things to play with. And it stays good for a long time.


  6. Love it!! Can't wait to see more of your new place!!

  7. You move in and it looks gorgeous!!! I don't know how you do it??? I have a question for you.....do you buy new curtains & curtain rods each time you move ? They are always so beautiful!!!

    1. Hi Vickie! I actually don't buy new curtains if I don't have to. I use what I have where I can, and buy cheapie ready made panels if I need to:) I was lucky that this rent house already had all those great curtain rods!

  8. How did you get rid of so much stuff? I cannot believe that is all you have anymore! Where's Halloween stored? And Christmas? Tell me yo still have those adorables!
    Kinetic sand is the bomb! My daughter took my three year old grandson on a looooong road trip this summer. She took a shallow Sterilite tray and put kinetic sand and little construction vehicles in it for him to play with. He was in heaven and it kept him happy in his car seat for a very long time!

    1. Oh don't you worry Marianne! I still have my "bins"! although not as many as I used to have. I kept only what I love and only what could fit in a 5x10 storage! eeeek!!! hahaha!!

  9. Love seeing your new home! Nothing feels as good as clearing all the collected "stuff" away and starting again with only the things you truly love. I always wind up building my "crap stash" back up, but Ohhhhh the feeling when it's back to bare again.:) Sidenote: The gluten-free note on the kinetic sand is because many of these products (like Playdough) have wheat in them and Celiac kids can't play with it. Although most know not to eat it, the gluten is still on their hands..hands go into mouths or onto something like a sandwich that goes into their mouth so parents/teachers can't let them play with it. This is a good thing for Celiacs or those who care for them to know.:)

  10. Love your new place. Can't believe y'all have such nerve. Every place you have is perfect and then you up and move and that's perfect too. Do you still have your pretty green sofa? I can't part with my goodies ("crap stash" as Dee put it); I am so close to being a hoarder. Doesn't show on the surface; you just have to look at all the hidden storage spaces I've rented or found. Isn't that awful.

  11. Oops, I just had to go back and check my memory & it was all wrong. Your sofa wasn't green at all, was it? Just had lots of pretty green pillows and maybe chevron or some of Rio's stash. It was that pretty green chair I must have been thinking of (that you later had recovered). Sorry.

  12. My five year old loves kinetic sand! LOL! Where did you get the cute tray and molds for it??

    1. The cute tray is from Michaels, I think it was on sale for like $10? can't remember. I had thoughts of painting it, but I'm liking the natural color!