Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's worth the wait....really it is :)

With plans for our restoration in the city and building starting soon, I've been dreaming about my beautiful kitchen. Our house is a 1916 bungalow (the style that I adore) and I finally get to have the kitchen I've always wanted! White subway tile, carrera marble, wood floors - de lish!! I've been collecting things for this beautiful space for a year now. Among them- an antique candy makers island! Ohhhh yes! Found it at Sage, a favorite antique store in Phoenix. Wish I had pics for you but the beauty is in storage:( just visited her this weekend and promised her it won't be long before she graces my kitchen... :)


  1. Dor, I've been thinking about using my old highschool shop table as an island. You know, with the lockers underneath, huge slab of 4 inch wood on top. It's in my garage and I've used it as a work bench for years. But I can't stop obsessing over using it as an island. Cam thinks I'm insane (as usual)...what do you think?

  2. I too cannot wait for you to have a kitchen! Git to Gittin'!

  3. Oh I dream of a new kitchen too! That one is georgous. All sparkledy.