Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just some of the loot...

I returned from Texas with a few goodies. With the house not framed yet, I didn't want to get things that wouldn't fit so I stuck to getting just the "littles". I came home with 2 wonderful (green) chairs, a sweet (green) little table, and the best ever (again green) vintage fish bowl lamp! Things went straight to storage so your imagination is going to have to do for now :( but trust me, they are BEAUTS!! We came across a lady that sells these vintage 1st and 2nd grade flash cards. They were adorable and we all couldn't resist and came home with some. This is what I did with mine:

Rog (my hubby Roger) had some old crown molding laying around (leftover from a cabinet job) that was already finished with this fantastic green color so he made these frames for me! I used some spray adhesive to mount the burlap onto the back and the flashcard onto the burlap and voila!! the cutest frames ever!! Oh, and the glass was $3 because they were scraps from my local hardware store :) I'm a happy girl!

Well of course my lovely has to eat in beautiful surroundings!! And the dog bowl stand? 2 used bricks and an old beat up piece of 2x10 found in the back yard :) And yes, I had to put tuna in his bowl to get him to pose for me....hey whatever it takes right?!


  1. I have some of these that I get from a great tent at 1st Monday in Canton, TX. My favorite combo so far is "CRUEL" "Diet". I lay them out on my cabinet together when I entertain, next to the goodies, and everyone loves it!!!
    xxx kim

  2. cute dorie- my you are crafty!!!