Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gingerbread houses!!

About this time every year Rog, the kids and I get together and make gingerbread houses. I say gingerbread, but some are made out of graham crackers because that way you create whatever you want! In years past we have made some pretty crazy ones. This year we shared our tradition with my brother, his wife and their girls. Soooo much fun I tell ya!! This post is short, cause Christmas is fast approaching and I'M NOT READY!!! See you next Tues!! :)


  1. How cute is that? I have never made one...it looks like fun and I like a good mess. Do you eat them after Christmas? I don't even think I have ever seen a real one...I need to get out more. I am not ready for Christmas either.
    I should do that with my grand daughter. Off to google how!
    PS...love that lamp

  2. Oooh, how did I not think of Graham Crackers?!?! My friend Julie and I made them last week and spent hours baking. Mine collapsed and turned into a gingerbread tee pee. :) I'll try the graham crackers next year. Good call.

  3. These are amazing and it looks like you all had a blast making them! Just beautiful!!

    Happy New Year to you,