Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What's up???!?!?!!??

Oh my goodness. Where to start??
How do I put into words my happiness...??
Saying I'm happy and this place is Paradise just 
doesn't feel like it does it justice!! 

We found our hearts in Carpinteria, California :)
It's a small sweet beach town that has made us feel like
we're right where we should be:)

The beach here is dog friendly, too bad Little Bully isn't:(
He can be such a jerk around other dogs!!
I keep threatening a stint with Caesar Milan and then I remember
how Caesar says he trains the people more than the dogs...and I'm 
like oh forget it then. 

Ok so let's get down to business.
I know you are all wanting to know where in the world we landed.

Sadly. Not here.

Not here either.... :(


Apparently EVERYONE in Carp knows they live in Paradise and they don't want to 
ever leave... :(
I don't blame them. 
Ok, that's a lie. 
I do blame them. I blame them for loving this sweet town so much that there's
hardly anything on the market for sale!!! Waaaaaa!!!
So until someone has a moment of insanity and decides to sell me their
adorable little beach house...

I'm content to rent:)

When we sold our house I just kept praying... Lord find us the perfect place.
Is this green house the cutest??
But it's not mine.

This is:) 
Doesn't God have a hilarious sense of humor??!!
That green one is my neighbors house.
I had to laugh:)

We were soooo lucky to snatch up this place!! It's a 3 story townhouse built in 2007.
The best part? It's pet friendly.
Seriously people, you have no idea how hard it is to find a rental that accepts 
1 adorable frenchie and 2 cats!!?? (yes I'm playing favorites)

So when I said 3 stories, I should have mentioned that's it's 1500 sq. ft. TOTAL!!
That means a mere 500 sq. ft of actual living on the main floor.
Sooo, that means I can't hoard stuff.

That's a foreign concept I'm just beginning to grasp.

I'm not ashamed to admit- I LOVE stuff!!! 
The garage is only 1 car, and by that I mean no car.
It's full of surfboards, wetsuits, and bikes.
And ok, by bins...
Bins full of seasonal decor that I just can't part with!!! (shakes fists in air)

So here's the front room from the front door:)
Why yes! my Halloween has been out for over 2 weeks- duh!!
The couch is from IKEA. It folds out into a bed and that chaise lifts up
for storage under it...perfect!!
The chair is from Pottery Barn and I love it! 
Rio painted me the whale and turtle pics:)

Just to the right of the couch is the dining area.
The green cabinet I had in my laundry room of the old house, and the chunky leg
table I bought from FOUND yeeears ago. The chairs are from

This is the other side.
That sideboard is another FOUND piece. It houses all my
kitchen overflow:)
The door just to the left is a fabulous closet and the other is
a tiny powder room.
The kitchen is just on the other side of that counter.

This place is  perfect for us right now:)
I mean come on, I just have to walk or hop on my bike and look what
I see at the end of the street... :)

uh huh.


  1. So glad you are back and happy!

  2. So glad you are back, I have been checking weekly :)

  3. How exciting for you! You've fixed your place up so nice. I was missing your inspiration and I'm so glad you're back!

  4. Dorie! You're back, and I'm so happy :) I love all the pictures, especially Little Bully at the Beach!

  5. i had given up on seeing your tuesday posts ever again so i was soooo happy to "see" you this morning! no matter where you live, your special touches make it home. i can't wait for you to find your dream home and watch you work your magic on it....welcome back!

  6. Hey Dorie

    That was a long break. Good for you ! Its nice that your are renting...gives you time to really consider leaving the brown bag dust storms and the sweltering night and days. Not to mention the 60 and wrong way drivers and block fences.Bet you'll really have to think it over, huh? Can't wait to see the next house you are never ever ever going to leave! Karen M

  7. I am so happy for you and love hearing about your fun new beach lifestyle! Your townhouse looks great with all the special Dorie touches! I hope the perfect house comes on the market for you soon!

  8. So happy to see your post! Welcome back and how fun to be living in paradise! :)

  9. Would you mind sharing where you found the yummy green rug?

    1. Hi Cathy!! I bought that rug over a year ago at Home Goods. I wish it was bigger, but it works for now:)

  10. Anytime someone finds paradise it makes me happy!!! :D Glad you're back. :D :D

  11. thank God you are back!!! I've been wondering what's up!!

  12. so happy that you landed in paradise. love. love. love your sweet town. i can't wait to see what your next adventure is. you have the best taste and i know it will be fab.

  13. Missed you!! I had the pleasure of visiting Carp this summer when I went to see my brother in Santa Barbara, so I understand your love for this place! So happy for you both :) And, as always, LOVE what you've done with the place ;)

  14. Yay Dorie......so happy to see you settled in! I am looking at beach real estate also. What about 1227 Vallecito Road? That looks like something you might be interested in, i.e., Craftsman Style? Be blessed!

    1. Hello! I drove past that address today and didn't find any signs out front or anything? I'll have to check with my realtor and see what the dealio is... thanks for the info though!!

  15. So great to see how happy your family is in this cute town! Welcome back & welcome to California! Jan

  16. So glad you are back! I live at the beach also but east coast!

  17. Where did you find that cute round end table? I have been looking for one just like it. Your new home looks beautiful.

    1. Hi Missy! Yeah you and me both! I've been on a hunt for a similar one to put next to my striped chair and I can't find anything!!! I bought that one years ago at the Long Beach flea market here in CA:(

  18. So great to see you again, Dori! Your smiles in the second photo speaks volumes!

    Best wishes,
    Karla in (dry) CA.

  19. so happy you are back in the blogosphere with your fun posts and great decorating ideas!

  20. Thanks for the post today, so happy you live near the beach, now! Cute rental-it looks very cozy! We live
    in a beach town on the east coast of Florida. We love it-especially Fall, still warm enough for the beach! So did your son & daughter move to the same town, too? I look forward to seeing more of your next adventure. And clearly you were missed by many!

  21. So glad to see you post.....I have been anxiously awaiting this one...your rental is adorable. I can't wait to see more!!!! How's your adorable dog???????

  22. How wonderful to have you back! Even though we lived in Ventura for years, Carpinteria also felt like home to us - we visited there on a regular basis - you couldn't have picked a nicer town. Glad to read that you all have found a sweet place to settle until the perfect little cottage becomes available.

  23. Congratulations! It must feel so amazing to find a place that just feels so right. I've been checking every week to see if you were back, what a great surprise this morning. Good luck in finding your perfect place!

  24. So happy for you that you found your paradise! So happy for me that you're back in Blogville and I'll get to see your talents in action once again! (cue the Welcome Back Kotter music) Welcome back, Welcome back, Welcome back!!!

  25. Congratulations! I love everything about your decorating style, but can you tell me where you got your cool sunglasses?! :)

    1. The sunglasses are Coach. I think they are about 2 years old?

    2. Thanks, Dorie- love them on you! ~Cheri

  26. So happy to see your post! You look so happy! Congrats on the new place, it looks very "you" and I hope you find a place to buy soon so you & your hubby can make it into another dream home! Welcome home :) Betsy Kennedy

  27. happy your back and that you love where you live!! can't wait to see what else you post!!

  28. Love that you are back ! You've made your rental/transitional house lovely, as I would expect. Looking forward to following you on this next adventure.

  29. So glad you landed safely and have found a temporary spot ;) The right place will come along and you will transform it into perfection.

  30. What a wonderful rental and I LOVE your new find!!!

  31. I am SO jealous right now. I lived in Santa Barbara, California for 11 years. I often drove to Carp for breakfast, shopping or beach fun. My husband and I moved to Solvang (cute little town over the mountains) before we married and loved it there also. We are now in Oregon and I miss California ever day.