Tuesday, June 8, 2010

If trees could talk what would they say?

This amazing carob tree resides in my front yard. This big guy is very very old. Within weeks of purchasing our house, my lovely and oh so informative neighbor was quite eager to give me the "history" on my tree. Apparently waaay back in the early 1900's 3 men were hung from my tree by some vigilantes who caught them shortly after they shot the local sheriff. It was the last hangings in Mesa. Ummm wa wa wa wa wa what?? Wow. Ok. Welcome to the neighborhood. While I was freaked out at first I was also strangely intrigued.

I started to read up on it and yeah, it's true! In my research I also found out why there were so many birdhouses in the tree when we bought the house. They say that if you keep living things in the tree, the bad energy will stay away. Don't know if I totally believe this but I'll tell you what, I'm not about to disturb what has been there for years to find out! The birdhouses are all still there as well as many happy beautifully singing birds. And I like it that way :)


  1. Woah! What a story! "Welcome to the neighborhood! We are so glad someone finally bought the ax murderer's house. They found 20 bodies in the back yard!"??? Kinda cool though. I love history and that is a random, weird fact.

    I love your family photo! Beautiful family!

  2. P.S. I saw Mario Lopez on "The Ellen Show" today. He has adopted a white French Bulldog from a shelter and named him Julio Cesar Chavez Lopez! There are some cute photos on the web. Cute! Oh, and I would leave those bird houses right where they are too!

  3. just posted on my blog a couple times!
    no one ever leaves comments these days proabaly because there not serious bloggers
    ha ha ha ha ,
    miss you!

  4. Dorie,
    i have already made the earings there really cool there a suprise!
    you will love them
    rio will LOVE them too!!!!!
    Anna Banana