Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Old chairs...new life!!

My sis in law gave me these sweet chairs (there are 2, just not in this pic). I've had them sitting in storage for over 2 years!! They were red and a little tattered :( Every time I visited them in storage I would say "soon my little darlings, soon." Well there time had come!! I dropped them off at my favorite Brown's Upholstery and picked them up last week.

How cute are they???? Don't know exactly where they are going, but I love love love them :)

I know when my sis in law sees them she is going to DIE!! Sorta like when I gave a couch and two chairs that I was sick of to J in Tennessee, and she slipcovered them in white and I was doing the "duh, why didn't I do that?" thing.
**Move in day is THIS SATURDAY!!!


  1. The chairs are gorgeous! I have a little darling of my own who is looking rather sad. I need to get busy!

  2. your crazy your already moving in woohoo!
    when are we having the sleepover checkout my blog another contest yeah and tell rio about it too!