Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our labor of love....or whatever.

Soooo much going on at the bungalow this week! Exterior paint done!! With move in just a mere 2 weeks away I've finally decided I might want to get going on my projects. You know, like taking my couch to be recovered so we could have a place to sit, painting chairs so we could have a place to sit...so me, to wait till the last second! Ugh! I hate that about myself!!
I got this antique beaut from my sis who got it from my other sis. Yeah she would look so great...In my GRANDMAS house!! Yes, I did the unthinkable. I painted her.
Awww she's sooo happy!! Especially once she has a bunch of fluffy white towels on her shelves! She's gracing the downstairs bathroom, and fits...perfectly :)

While I busy myself with mindless painting, the hubby got down to serious business. Installing our mail slot. Yes folks, we get our mail in the door. Not a single mailbox on our street :) and I love it!
Kinda nice. We can leave for a month and don't have to deal with that "vacation hold" crap. Or worse yet, a tongue lashing from your grumpy mail lady!
Doors and hardware got installed on all the cabinets (thanks Tim!). Ooooh and my sweet chandas over the island from Pottery Barn. They're mason jars- love love love.

The laundry room door, complete with rusty hardware from my favorite Architectural Salvage of San Diego :)
Dark Hickory floors...EVERYWHERE!! Not a bit of carpet in this bungalow :)

So while I was listening to my hubby say " nothing in this house is easy! Not one single thing!" I replied " But honey, this is our labor of love!" His response? "It's a pain in my a**!"
I laugh because I know he secretly loves it :)


  1. Your home is beautiful! I love that you painted the cabinet. I have toyed with the idea of painting my mother's cabinet in our dining room and use it in the same way you plan to use yours.

  2. Oh my! How wonderful! Everything is coming along so well and it is just gorgeous! I am so excited for you!


  3. Wow! Dorie, everything looks amazing! Love the wood floors- chocolaty and yummy! Amazing how the wood pattern just pops over the glass when you painted the cabinet.

    And so right on about getting yelled at by the mail lady. Chastised. Shamed. Geez...it's just mail! Coveting your mail slot ;o)

  4. Hey Dorie- just realized this posted me from a blog i never got up and running on. It's Jocelyn. Am loving following your bungalow redo!

  5. How exciting, Dore. I'm excited FOR you to finally move in. What a project this has been!

  6. The excitment just builds and builds!! I am so anxious, I cannot imaginge what YOU are going through! (Did you get the packet I sent to you with the historic house info. in it? If not, I can do it again.)

  7. Yes, I'm 2 years late commenting but having just started reading your blog. And enjoying it soooo much. I just had to go back and start at the beginning. :0 I had to laugh at your husbands comment that nothing in your house is easy. It took me a year and a half, by myself (cause someone had to work and pay for it-my hubby) to do most of the remodeling in our home built in 1925, before we could move in. It's been 3 years since and we still have a smidge more to do. Aannnyyyywwaaayyy, I bet I said that a million times. Nothing in this house is easy!!! Nothing!!! Truly those were my exact words!!! Check out my blog if you'd like and feel free to leave advice. I'm open to anything. ;)My hubby bought me a new laptop for Christmas and I found a much faster internet provider so should be able to post way more. Well, I will close my comment so I can do some more catching up on your awesome site. ourtreasuredabode.blogspot.com

  8. Hi Dorie! Beautiful home! I am looking for some front door hardware just like what you found for this house. Do you remember where you guys got it? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!