Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Go ahead, have a seat...:)

So here's a look at my little breakfast nook. A sweet little place where maybe I would have my morning coffee, or a little lunch. But no. Why you ask?
Cause you can't sit in these stinkin antique chairs!!

They're fabulously cute, and have that perfect worn wood look to them. But seriously? They creak and crack with every slight little move whenever anyone sits in them! Scaaary I tell ya!
This sweet little room was sadly being ignored because of those chairs. Enough!! I could take it no more!

On Sunday, the hubby was BEGGING me to go to IKEA. Juuuust kidding!! I had been searching for some little inexpensive chairs and saw these and for a sweet $59.99 ea, they were perfect:)

Really? Can I just take ONE picture without little bully in the background? Anyway, I LOVE how they brighten up the space! Me sooo happy:)

I already had the runner, and yes, it might be a bit long but I'm kinda liking it:)

Now what to put on that bare wall?? I'll think about that over my morning cup of coffee in my new chair:)


  1. VERY cute, Dorie!!!! LOVE the contrast of the white chairs in the room. How about a tallllll mirror on the wall - one that maybe just leans against it for a casual look - and perhaps with a white frame to coordinate with the chairs. Just thinking......


  2. I love the runner. It has a tablecloth look without getting in your way when you sit down!

  3. I am absolutely swooning over that compote on the table. LOVE.

  4. they do look perfect for your space!