Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Deets... :)

So, last week sweet Julia from Hooked on Houses did a little feature about my bungalow's before and after:) I got the nicest comments! ....and a few not so nice:( Whatev. My inbox was full of questions about some of the details in my house, so here ya go!
1. Paint colors: My current fav green color is Sherwin Williams- SW 7733 Bamboo Shoot. I used this color on my kitchen cabinets and the walls in my hall bath. This sample pic makes it look brown, but as you can see in pics of my kitchen- it's a happy green:)
Martha Stewart- Mossy Rock MSL103. I used this spectacular green in my master bedroom that I posted about last week. It's both warm and cheerful at the same time:)
Benjamin Moore- AF 95 Hush. The best tanish, brownish color. This is what I used for my entire interior sans the hall bath. It's the perfect calm, beachy brown color:) and it looks fab against bright white trim:)
2. The lights- I get asked about these silly lights all.the.time!! They're from Pottery Barn, the Exeter 5 jar pendant.
And NOW they have this!! Dernit!! I hate when that happens!!
3. The master bath vanity- I purchased this piece from FOUND. My sweet friend Kristin's fab store that I ALWAYS talk about. Ok, the crappy pic doesn't show how cool this thing is. (and since blogger is being dumb and won't let me link- foundbydomesticbliss.blogspot.com is where to find her:)
Anyway, the hubby took off the top and added it to the back to make it deeper so we could put a slab of beautiful carrera marble on top for our master vanity:)
4. The $hower curtain- or curtain'$. Yeah I had to buy 2 for that $tinkin tub! Anthropologie. Ye$. Enough $aid. Lot$ of dollar$. But I only have one tub? Right??? (and there's the bamboo shoot green color)
5. My headboard- I found this at Urban Outfitters believe it or not. It's the velvet tufted headboard. You can order it online at urbanoutfitters.com. And at $349.00? I think it's a pretty good bang for your buck!
6. And those glass jars- I found them at Tuesday Morning about 3 years ago. They're so cute, but I could only find the sugar, coffee and tea. Never found the flour:( Since the words are written in French, (yet another language I took in high school and never quite paid much attention too, I can however sing frere jacques pretty good because that's how we earned extra credit and I do have the most adorable Frenchie ever...) I just choose to ignore what is written and pretend it says Flour, Sugar and Oatmeal:)
A big Thank you for spending some Tuesday time with me, your comments and emails always make me smile:)


  1. Sorry to hear about the negative comments, I have had to learn to just shrug them off.

    I love your home and you and your husband have done a beautiful job with it.


  2. Ooo! Thanks for the paint colors. I have been looking for a good tan-ish color for awhile now. I'll go get a chip and check it out!

    Poo-poo on the nay-sayers! They are the kind of folks who look at hideous porticoes and tacky balconies and fall in love. They don't understand a bungalow at all. (Is poo-poo French??)

  3. Your home is so pretty .... love the attention to details !

    LOL @ the French class comments. My first language was Spanish, then English, so of course I took French in high school ! The only thing I remember is the Sign of the Cross ! Sister Margarette would be so proud - lol !

    thanks for sharing your lovely home,

  4. Beautiful home. I saw it last week on Hocked on Homes and loved it then!

  5. Yay for the deets! Thanks for listing all this source info. I was wondering how you made that amazing vanity for the bathroom. So gorgeous.

    You know, no matter what I show on my blog--even when it's the most amazing, perfect house in the entire world, designed by a top designer--a certain percentage of readers find things they don't like about it. Different tastes, I guess. I personally wouldn't change a anything about your house. I love it! :-)

  6. I'm currently painting one of our bedrooms with Mossy Rock too. I absolutely love the color! The previous owners had done the room in a sports theme border with red walls...not me at all. The green is so much more relaxing. :)