Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Lovin....:)

So here's where I've been, and where I'll be for the rest of this beautiful week. And yes, those are my actual feet:) with the same toe rings I've been wearing for over 15 years. Yeah I know, I don't change much:) anyway, I just thought I'd share with you a few of my fav things so far this summer:)
Hemp Hearts:) My friend Jill at Nature's Finest in Mesa told me about these. And they're fab:) It's a really good natural source of protein. Just 5 Tbsp. sprinkled on your yogurt for breakfast, or I like to make a smoothie for breaky with fruit and almond yogurt and the hemp hearts replace the oatmeal I used to throw in:) yummy and especially good for you:) since stupid blogger is once again not letting me link- here's the info old school. nahanniriverherbs.com check it out:)
The Dana Point farmer's market- when I'm here, this is where I go to get the best in fruit and veggie goodness:) this trips bounty- including mango nectarines. Yes, as yummy as they sound:)
And my new fav shirt:) so soft, so comfy. It's Roxy:)
Just finished reading this- The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon. It was really good, like read it in 2 days good:)
Starting this book- A Young Wife by Pam Lewis. I bought if for the cover of course! Same way I pick my wine:) anyway I'm only on chapter 2 but it's good so far?
Oh and yes, this room. Sometimes when I'm bored I like to look at hideous real estate pictures. It's astonishing how some people let their houses be photographed! I mean, aren't they trying to sell their places. Anyway, I came across this pic and I thought- hmmm not so bad. Okay, yes it's a little Kermit, but compared to the barking coyotes, white washed oak and "southwest" crap that I usually see- it's totally workable. Take down that sin of a ceiling fan, throw out the sheers, and paint that panelling white- and voila! A space I could work with:)
Just some of what's been going on in my silly little world while enjoying a beautiful sunny 76 degrees:)
So what are your summer mindless whatnots?


  1. I love your toes rings, and you tan legs. Mine are so white still! OK, so that room in the real estate listing. Has it looked like that since the late 70's? I think so! I get too restless to keep the same drapes and colors for 40 years!

  2. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Thanks for the book ideas...I am always looking for something new.
    Have a great rest of your vaca.

  3. You are my guru....thank you!

  4. I named my beach post the same thing but blogger isn't letting me post anything. Don't know what's wrong. We must have passed each other on the 10. Have a peaceful time.

  5. I love you DOrie!!! you are so inspiring and so fun! i love your posts... i am SO heartsick to be at the beach!!! only a week and a half for me.. can't wait to get to that farmers market.. hope your having an excellent time love ya x

  6. Hi Dorie, thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. Love your blog, so now I am your newest follower look forward to reading more. So glad to hear the weather is good at your place.. Not so good here...have a good rest of the day


  7. Just started Beautiful Girl last night and could not put it down. It had me hooked from the start. Enjoy the cool weather.