Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Everyday is Happy Green Day...!! :)

Ok, so it's no secret that I love me some green:) A lot. A whole lot. So this last Saturday in a moment of boredom (and when I say boredom, I mean avoid-dom. you know, avoiding the things I should be doing like laundry and cleaning floors) I thought Hey! It's St. Patty's day coming up and I'm going to make me a Shamrock! I found this frame at Joanne for 50% off. I had the scraps of fabric, and the velvet ribbon came from the fab once a month sale that is Sweet Salvage:)

I used my best third grade skills and made my Shamrock template using the ole fold a paper in half, and cut out a heart. Pure genius:)

Using a zig zag stitch ( I know! Soo advanced home ec of me!) I sewed the little Shammy on a piece of plain green fabric.

Then I sewed that piece on to the polka dot fabric that I cut to fit the frame.

Sorry for the glare:(  I tied the velvet ribbon to the hooks in the back and hung her up!

Simple. Easy. Green:)

 Green. My fav color in all the world:) Prove it? Okay!! Check out just a few pics from around this green house 'o mine:)

" May your thoughts be as glad as the Shamrocks. May your heart be as light as a song. May each day bring you bright, happy hours.That stay with you all year long."

Happy St. Patrick's Day :)


  1. oh Dorie love the Shamrock! This month at Sweet- I was loving the green too! So much green yumminess!!! Hope to see you!


  2. Sweet creativity you made. I love your post so much fun. Have a beautiful day. Looks good here so far,wouldn't you say....Chickie

  3. I love green also! What a quick, fun and creative idea! I think I am going to do this.


  4. I love your idea! You are really a creative gal when you are avoiding things! I love that green vintage fan too. I am looking for a turquoise one for my daughter's apartment. Your little bully and his green tennis ball made me sigh. I lost my sweet dog a few weeks ago to liver cancer. Still reeling! They have a way of working their way into your heart and becoming part of the family.

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  6. I love that! You are so creative and always come up with the cutest stuff!