Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Flowers and beers..... :)

Phew! It's been a busy last few weeks!
We attended the college graduation of one niece in Colorado,
then another from High School in Arizona:)

So naturally, after coming home on Sunday I was
struggling to come up with what to blog about.
As always.

Then I thought hey! I'm sure you all would love
to see my growing collection of...
flowers and beers!!

Check out these perfectly faded and rusty old beer
cans that Rog brings me home from lake Casitas when 
he goes fishing. Sadly with the drought and all, the 
lake has gone way down. But there are treasures to be had
I'm telling ya! Well, treasures to me anyway:)

That glass bottle came from the lake too.
The roses are from our front yard:)

The Coors can kinda looked like it would rather hang out
with the succulents in the kitchen window
 than the roses on the dining table:)

And just look at what surprised me outside the kitchen window!!
Rog brought me that pot from our Via Baja house and
I took a chance watering it not knowing if it was
too dead or even what kind of flower it was.

What a beaut huh!!?? 
Such a sweet reminder of the family we bought that house from:)

So there ya go. Flowers and beers.
Pretty much sums up graduation season huh?!


  1. Hi Dorie, I miss seeing your decorating posts from past homes you've lived in....will you be doing anything like that in the future?

  2. That's an amaryllis, a bulb that you can actually reuse. I have some in the garden, and some I put in vases. In my experience, when in soil, they can even "disappear", but when they are in season, they will show up like a little miracle. Those I put in vases, I wrap up in newspaper or place them in a dry, light-less space and let them rest. When I take them out, they might actually seem dead. I place some of those decorative rocks in a clear/crystal vase, some water, bulb on top, and within a few days, a beautiful amaryllis. Such a wonderful flower.

  3. Who knew? Flowers and beer go together like bread n' butter. At least the way you do them :)

  4. Flowers and beers? A perfect combination!

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