Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Better After...:)

Ok, who doesn't LOVE a really good before/after?? This weekend, I painted my house. My dollhouse:) When I ordered this thing, the paint colors I had to choose from were verrry limited. Seriously, it was this or purple or pink or paint it myself...ummm NO! Soo I went with the blue. I thought I could deal with it, because I had these grandiose plans on taking it to our Cali house, and it would fit in perfectly:) Weeeell, 4 years later and she's no where near the beach:(

So Friday my sweet little niece (who had a day off from school) and I took to tackling this crazy paint job. By Monday morning (and coercing Rio to help me)....here she is!!! GREEN:) of course:) I left the shutters and trim the same color and doesn't she look soooo much happier??

Speaking of happier..... Take a look. This is the only "before" pic I could find of the house (if you could call it that) across the street. The blueish- grayish- eyesore- with no grass- sketchy peeps living in it- mess of house- that just needed SOMEONE to love it. This house is what I looked at every time I sat at my dining room table, or on my front porch. It was a house at one time, but over the years had been "converted" into 3 separate apartments:(

Enter Peter Mirata. Owner of Gilbert Contracting Company and pretty much the neighborhood hero:) Yep, he arrived on his white horse and saved this ramshackle sad excuse of a house, and turned her into something the entire neighborhood is proud of:)

Peter spared no expense renovating this house. I'm not kidding, I watched the entire thing-- from my dining table and front porch:)  Check out the master bath:)  
And how beautiful is this kitchen??
My neighbors and I would LOVE some cool peeps to buy this place. Because we're cool peeps!! Uh huh! I mean come on! Who doesn't want to live on a street where there's a Dorie, Lori, Tori and a Jeory!! (I'm secretly hoping for the new buyers to be a Cory....a Maury..... ) Anyway, if you love historic neighborhoods, living downtown, neighborhood parties and happy hour on the porch give these guys a call :)   480.926.2727  more pics here:)


  1. Love the new fresh color on your dollhouse....it is just darling!!! What a fabulous transformation on the house across from you too!!!! LOVE that kitchen....so dreamy!!!!!

  2. Love the doll house, such a fun hobby! I think I could it in the neighborhood being another Laurie!

  3. What a cute dollhouse! And love the house across the street!!!

  4. We stayed in downtown Mesa this spring for pre-season baseball -- I really enjoyed walking around downtown and trying out the restaurants. Love the historic homes, and how close they are to everything!

  5. See what you all started? One person moves in and restores a sad old house and pretty soon EVERYONE thinks they have to do it! What a happy thing! I secretly wish that I could move in and enjoy that lovely neighborhood. I want to return home to my Mesa. Unfortunately my swim coach husband does not wish to work outside in that heat. The big baby!

    I am happy that you have a lovely new view to enjoy!

  6. Libbie doesn't rhyme with any of those names, but I'm willing to change it for a neat house like that.