Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Secret Garden...:)

I love this movie. This was a dream of mine when I was little, finding a secret beautiful place that no one knows about. Well there is such a place. And I found it. Only I can't tell you where. Just know that it's fab and I happen to know the secret code, the secret handshake, you know- what it takes to get into this cool place:)

 My  niece was celebrating her sweet 16 last weekend and we had a little family party here, what I call- The Secret Garden:) It's this amazing piece of property that is tucked away and belongs to my sweet friend L.O. :) My sis in law hung lights, set up a beautiful tent, hung pink paper pom poms in the trees and lit candles everywhere.

 She set out blankets on the ground and did a picnic style party.

 Love the rustic fireplace in the background:)

 Here's a close up! Can't WAIT to sit here come the fall and have wine (lots o wine) by the fire. Yep L, I just invited myself to a party you didn't know you were having:)

 Here's the place late in the day. LOVE the pergola with the curtains:) But.....

 The place is absolutely breathtaking at night:)

Candles everywhere:)

 And here she is, the beautiful birthday girl.


It was a wonderful night celebrating the sweetest of 16:)

The biggest thank you to my friend L.O. You made a sweet 16 birthday girl very happy by sharing your beautiful Secret Garden. I'm looking forward to many more wonderful times spent here. 'Cause you know, I know the secret handshake and all....:)


  1. mmmmmm i love it!!! so sad to miss it:(

    love you all!

  2. Happy Birthday Shea! You are beautiful - inside and out. I remember your first birthday! Kristen

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  4. Such a fun night...thank you L for sharing your amazing place! D-the girls first watched Secret Garden in DP with you years ago-and Miss is reading the book right now:) Love it! Thanks for helping with all the festivities and.... for loving on our girls-xo

  5. OMG...what a beautiful garden.....so lucky to have a friend who shares her secret garden....

  6. I totally feel like an outsider reading this post and comments. I am not in on the secret places and people, I know no secret handshakes, no secret codes. I am even unable to crack your initials code. It looked like a lovely party, though, and I can't believe Shea is 16!

  7. What a beautiful garden to have a birthday party at!!! Everything was so pretty....love all the candles :o)

  8. this is just the most lovely party ... we had an outdoor birthday party at our house ... ours had a different flair, but it was your pics that provided the inspiration!